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"Sport" HEMA fencing gloves

Padded leather gloves with short cuff

$109 - $120

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“Sport” leather fencing gloves

Padded fencing gloves with short cuff

ArmStreet is all about what we love. ArmStreet crew experience in western martial arts, LARP, SCA, and all types of swordplay probably includes thousand of years cumulatively with people participating in events and fighting with swords all the time, in every country and every city we have our branches or representatives.

A little bit more than a year ago a couple of our team members joined HEMA, rapidly climbing to the top domestically and going internationally, and this is where the new chapter begins. These gloves are standing on the foundation of our WMA and SCA gear but adjusted and redesigned to be the best gloves possible for the HEMA rapier and smallsword combat. We also tested them successfully with a spear. They are flexible enough in a wrist, have a thin plastic insert integrated into the cuff, EVA-protected fingers, thumb, and outer part of the hand. We also solved some problems like ventilation adding perforation between fingers.

You also have to know that if the size is chosen properly, they could be a little bit snag in the beginning, the leather is soft enough to get stretched after a couple of days. We also didn't solve the problem of black dye, which means that if you choose a black leather version your fingers will have visible black marks from leather dye, especially in the beginning. We consulted and tested some gear from other industries, it's a common problem, just in fencing your hands are getting very warm and sweaty so it's more visible. Buying light-brown or beige gloves is one of the solutions, from our own experience it is getting better with black gloves when you use them regularly.

Short cuff gloves like this could be an aesthetic choice and also a better solution for those of you who use some sort of bracers, and a longer cuff version is recommended for those who normally don't wear bracers, so it provides some extra protection. We also love the sport-style design we offer here, but for true traditionalists the Heritage version is available.

We tested these gloves on our own hands, clubmates, top domestic and international tournaments and even provided them as awards on the international HEMA tournament, carefully gathering feedback to improve the design, so there is no way you wouldn't love your new ArmStreet fencing gloves.

To check how to measure yourself please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Genuine gloving leather;
  • EVA;
  • Plastic.


  • Length of the cuff: 7-8 cm (2 ³/₄ – 3 ⁵/₃₂'');
  • Perforation on fingers and wrist;
  • EVA padding;
  • Perfect flexibility and grip;
  • Plastic insert in the cuff;
  • Contrasting design.

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