WMA Italian Bascinet with Longface

Spring steel bascinet, perforated visor


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WMA Italian Bascinet with Longface

Spring steel bascinet with edged perforated visor

Helmets were among the first items ArmStreet brought to the market over 20 years ago. It took us some time to add bascinets to the variety, but since then, this type of helmet firmly occupies the best-selling niche. We have made traditional bascinets that are close to being historically accurate, fancy laser-cut versions, special editions for heavy buhurt fights, and so on. And now, the time has come to fill the WMA segment with a lightweight yet reliable spring steel series. You can easily recognize the Italian longface bascinet here, yet its visor is perforated for better visibility and breathability, neither of which can be underestimated from the historical fencing perspective. This particular helmet has an additional perk – along the entire edge of the visor goes beautiful intertwisted detail.

Extremely popular among the swordfighters of the 14th century, the rounded bascinet helmets featured an efficient redirection of sword hits targeting the head. Unlike the previously popular Great Helm with its flatter upper part. The variety of bascinets you can discover in our medieval armor store is already impressive, but there is always a place for new requirements to be met and more beauty to be brought into this world. The roots of this new helmet go all the way back to the longface klappvisor bascinet from the Stibbert Museum. The universal shape of the dome combines with a high-end edged perforated visor securely attached with a hinge. This efficient and straightforward piece of armor is worth every dollar spent as it protects your most valuable part in whatever kind of swordplay you dive in head first this time.

Here, we used spring steel both for the dome and visor, combined it with the incredible skills of our blacksmiths, and added the final touch of padded linen detail to cover your neck in a colorful (see "more options" button at the custom tab) way. We expect the results of this synergy to become the favorite helmet for all your sword-fighting activities for many years to come. And maybe even an item to bequeath to your fencing club after you find another new ArmStreet helmet you absolutely can't live without.

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  • 14 ga (2 mm) spring steel;
  • Rivets;
  • Natural leather (straps and lacing);
  • Padding;
  • Batting padded linen (neck protection).


  • Longface visor with edging;
  • Durable and lightweight spring steel;
  • Inspired by the Italian bascinet;
  • Flax linen neck covering padded with batting;
  • Designed for Western Martial Arts (WMA) fencing;
  • Perforations for breathability and visibility;
  • Includes chin strap and padding.

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1 Comment

  • 11 of July 2024:

    Is the linen material used for this bascinet 350 newton rated or above? Can it safely be used for HEMA tournaments and armour fighting?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hello, it will easly pass a puncture test but if you want it actually newton rated we can potentially make it for some extra with certified fabric incert but it will also take longer that manufacturing time indicated in the listing. If you have a HEMA gambeson then this neck protection over the gambeson will be enough. 

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