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Pauldrons Armor “Evening Star”

Black and gold spring steel spaulders


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Female armor pauldrons “Evening Star”

Female Knight Spaulders Armour

No one has ever crossed the Evening Star and lived to tell the tale. She’s not easy to anger but is quick to act if she ever feels that her trust has been broken or feels she has been crossed in any way. Bold and brave, she’s never one to turn down a duel at dusk.

The “Evening Star” collection of armor differs from other historical armor sets in that it is lightweight, easy to move in, but still just as protective as heavier alternatives. Made to empower you to fight longer and faster, this collection will quickly lead you to victory - and make you a bit less achy and sore at the end of the day as well!

This collection was inspired by knightly armor from Western Europe from the XIV-XV century. You’ll see nicely articulated joints, well-fitted limbs with attractive ridges, and clean lines that are beautiful in their simplicity. This whole collection is meant to be the kind of armor that you would find on a noble or wealthy knight, as we can’t imagine that a peasant or regular man-at-arms would have been in possession of something quite so detailed and fitted.

These are very flexible pauldrons, with articulated plates to give you lots of movement. At the top of the pauldron is a leather panel with lacing holes in it, which can be used to tie the pauldrons to your breastplate, gambeson, or gorget. Two lames follow that, before giving way to a larger solid plate that features a sword breaker on it which has a wonderful golden tone to it. Three more lames extend down beyond the sword breaker, with a panel of leather at the bottom with a strap attached to keep it secured to your arm. A gorgeous flower-shaped rondel hangs to protect your underarm area, with a lion-shaped rivet in the middle.

These pauldrons are constructed from a fantastic new material to our blacksmithing workshop, spring steel. This steel is stronger than the mild steel or stainless steel we’ve used before, so we can produce much thinner – and lighter – armor than we would be able to make from any other material.

Thes pauldrons have a blackened finish, which makes them slightly resistant to rust, and a brassed finish on the main segment. They are made with premium black leather, medieval-style brass buckles, and solid rivets throughout.

To check how to measure yourself please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions or if you want to add more tinted elements to your pauldrons for some extra – any detail can be made either in polished, in brassed or in blackened spring steel.

IMPORTANT: To fit correctly and prevent injury, a suit of armour must be accurately built to the measurements of the person wearing it. PLEASE take all measurements over either the gambeson or under-padding you are planning to wear with this armour. The sole exception is for persons buying armour and padding together, ArmStreet will then make the proper size adjustments for the armour based on the measurements provided for the padding.


  • 1.2mm spring steel;
  • 1mm spring steel;
  • Solid brass rivets;
  • Cast brass buckles;
  • Washers;
  • Brass lion rivet;
  • Leather.


  • Inspired by the XV century;
  • Light and strong;
  • Articulated and flexible;
  • Brass plated accent of the shoulder plate;
  • Flower rondels;
  • Decorative lion rivet.

This item is part of the “Stars of Steel” collection

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1 feedback

  • Marcus Rodriguez 19 of August 2022:

    Absolutely gorgeous pieces of armor!! The wait was well worth it, and even then, it came almost a month sooner than expected! I definitely plan to purchase from Armstreet again very soon!

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