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“Evening Star” Arm Harness

Blackened spring steel arm protection


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“Evening Star” Arm Harness

Blackened spring steel arm protection

If you ever gain the trust of the Evening star, don’t break it. Don’t mistake her calm demeanor for weakness, as if she feels she’s been crossed she’ll move quickly and without mercy.

When you’re looking for armor, you want something that is protective but not something that’s going to slow you down and make it difficult to move. That’s why we created the “Evening Star”, a collection of lightweight armor with striking aesthetics that will make you feel unstoppable.

Even though we consider this collection to be a work on fantasy, we can’t deny the historical influences that make it look so amazing. Late XIV-XV Western European armor is sleek and fitted, and you’ll notice other motifs from that time period throughout this armor as well. A set of this quality made to fit this well probably would have been owned by a knight or wealthy noble - certainly someone of high status and income - because of the sheer amount of experience a blacksmith would have to have to make something of this quality.

This whole arm harness is riveted together to be one piece instead of three independent floating pieces. The rerebrace gives your upper arm a decent amount of protection, including the back of your arm. It is connected by a few thinner plates to the brassed elbow cop, which has a nice shape to it and has quite large fans to protect your inner arm. From the elbow cop, there are two more plates followed by a full-wrap vambrace to protect your bicep, which is anatomically shaped and very robust.

If you’re looking for a material that isn’t likely to let you down in the heat of battle, spring steel is the way to go. It’s a type of steel that is annealed so that it becomes hardened, and much, much stronger than mild or stainless steel. Because it is so strong, we can actually make our armor lighter than we have with previous collections, which means that it’s thinner, more comfortable to wear, and of course still just as strong.

This whole arm harness is expertly crafted with very fine materials, such as high-quality black leather to trim the edges and make strong straps, cast brass medieval buckles, solid rivets, and just general attention to detail. There are lacing holes in the top leather panel to allow you to attach it to your gambeson, and three straps total to give it a good fit on your arm.

To check how to measure yourself please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions or if you want to add more tinted elements to your arm armour for some extra – any detail can be made either in polished, in brassed or in blackened spring steel.

IMPORTANT: To fit correctly and prevent injury, a suit of armour must be accurately built to the measurements of the person wearing it. PLEASE take all measurements over either the gambeson or under-padding you are planning to wear with this armour. The sole exception is for persons buying armour and padding together, ArmStreet will then make the proper size adjustments for the armour based on the measurements provided for the padding.


  • 1.2mm spring steel;
  • 1mm spring steel;
  • Solid brass rivets;
  • Washers;
  • Leather;
  • Cast brass buckles.


  • Blackened finish;
  • Anatomically shaped;
  • XV century inspired;
  • Lightweight spring steel;
  • Brass plated elbow cop;
  • Solid construction.

This item is part of the “Stars of Steel” collection

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