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"Sport" HEMA fencing gloves

Padded fencing gloves with midi cuff

$119 - $130

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“Sport” HEMA fencing gloves

Padded fencing gloves with midi cuff

This is one more version of our “Sport” renaissance fencing gloves. This is a medium-length cuff version, that will work well with short bracers or for the type of practice or sparring that doesn’t require bracers at all.

Basically, we were thinking rapier or small sword, but there are many more applications you can find these gloves handy for.

These gloves design is based on our SCA and WMA inner gloves engineering but after some quite harsh and intense Eastern European HEMA competitions we found that we need to seriously redesign our gloves to make a perfectly balanced fencing gear.

They became way more sophisticated (and more expensive) but we literally gathered the most common requests and complaints and tried to address them, so to say, in this design. There is a thin layer of plastic in the cuff, so the cuff itself works as protection, there is EVA protection on fingers, thumb, and outer parts of the hand, softened pads where you need them, and a perforation between fingers to keep your hands dry.

When you get your gloves, don’t worry too much that they are tight, we make them this way so they won’t be too large when the leather stretches, just give them to do their job for a couple of sparrings and they will fit like a glove soon.

Black leather warning: initially we thought this is us, but eventually we found out this is a typical issue for extreme sport black gloves, from skiing to motorcycle riding. Well, black leather will leave marks on your fingers, the more intensively you practice, the more visible they will become. So, there are two options - just wait and with time it will get way better, or buy lighter color gloves to avoid this problem in the first place.

At last but not at least, this is the version for soulless tournament fighters, if your heart belongs to the letter “H” in “HEMA” you are welcome to try our “Heritage” version.

To check how to measure yourself please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Genuine gloving leather;
  • EVA;
  • Plastic.


  • Length of the cuff: 12–13 cm (4 ²³/₃₂ – 5 ¹/₈'');
  • Perforation on fingers and wrist;
  • EVA padding;
  • Perfect flexibility and grip;
  • Plastic insert in the cuff;
  • Contrasting accents.

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2 Feedbacks

  • Kevin 01 of October 2022:

    Purchased as a gift. Recipient was delighted with fit and quality.

  • Jon 19 of January 2022:

    Lovely design, soft, and they fit very well. They were a little stiff when they arrived, so much so that I wondered if the fit was right. However, I threw them in the washing machine and they came out much softer and the fit is more comfortable. Since the fingers contain some EVA foam, they do put up some resistance when you make a fist, which makes them feel tighter, but nothing uncomfortable, and I expect they will stretch further with time.

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