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Short Gambeson "Layer One" for WMA

Sport edition cotton swordplay jacket

$194.00 - $229.00

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Swordsman's Short Gambeson "Layer One" 

Sport edition cotton WMA gambeson

There are various ways to apply the sword in the modern world. This short cotton gambeson with contrasting borderings is a perfect match for the formats that either use full armor or have strict control of the force applied. This exceptional under-armor protection is meticulously designed to meet the demands of historical swordsmanship enthusiasts. The classic, historical cut, reminiscent of the Duke of Anjou's pourpoint, ensures not only an authentic appearance but also excellent mobility of the sleeve and a snug fit. We've intentionally designed sleeves to be narrow and fitted, which allows a comfortable fit under armor with no added bulk, ensuring you can move freely without restriction.

As always at ArmStreet, only high-quality materials are used for the main body, lining, bordering, leather inserts, and buckles. The poplin lining adds a touch of luxury and comfort to this highly functional gambeson. Leather elements, such as straps and arming points, offer both style and functionality. With its dense batting filling, this gambeson provides superior protection during training and sparring sessions. There is an extra layer of thin batting between the body and sleeve for enhanced padding under your cuirass, gorget, and pauldrons. The semi-adjacent stand-up collar strikes the perfect balance, comfortably resting against your throat without any pressure. This design accommodates more comfortable use of gorgets or helmets.

The absence of thick seams on the gambeson's interior ensures that you can fence in comfort without chafing or irritation. All seam connections are deliberately crafted to be discreet and subtle, including the seams hidden inside the contrasting finishing of the edges. This is particularly critical at the shoulder seams, where bulky seams would otherwise press against the collarbone under the weight of your armor. The two-seam sleeve is a testament to modern convenience and comfort. It lets you practice all movements without constraint, especially in the elbow area. While historical counterparts featured tied-up sleeves, this contemporary design offers enhanced mobility with a groove at the elbow. The gusset is a vital feature that allows for full arm mobility, including raising your arm into the upper block, all while keeping the waistline in place.

The sports version of this gambeson includes Velcro closures along almost the entire length of the front slit, reducing the need to fasten leather straps every time you wear it. At the sleeves' bottom, you'll find a practical slit with Velcro, allowing you to adjust the wrist fit within the width of the Velcro itself. This feature is especially useful when accommodating bracers or other gear. The secure Velcro closure ensures a snug and comfortable fit. We can customize it without leather straps if you prefer. For the added convenience of putting on your armor and keeping it in place, leather arming points are placed at the shoulders and elbows.

Experience the perfect fusion of historical authenticity and modern comfort with our short gambeson "Layer One." It's a masterpiece of under-armor protection designed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, ensuring your safety and comfort during every thrilling bout. As with any other gambeson, you can combine it with chainmail or plate armor.

Please note: this gambeson is designed to be a base level for your steel armor. Some swordplay formats allow gambesons like this (in combination with throat protection) for bloßfechten; however, we have a separate line of products with a certified 350N fabric layer for this.

To check how to measure yourself, please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Cotton outer layer;
  • Poplin lining;
  • Leather details;
  • Batting filling.


  • Historically based pattern;
  • Comfortable poplin lining;
Innovative design for training and battles;
  • Convenient Velcro closures;

  • Comfortable under armor thanks to flat seams magic. 

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3 Feedbacks

  • Karl 06 of April 2024:

    Ordered off the shelf, fits like it was custom made. Sturdy and functional. Highly recommended.

  • Louis Gaty 30 of January 2024:

    A great shopping experence. The sizing chart was accurate and helpful. The gambeson is well made and looks great. Buy with confidence.

  • Gilbert Henry 05 of January 2024:

    I just got my padded gambeson and it is a tad snug but I’m sure it will loosen with use. The material and weight of it feel good and it looks quite slimming to boot. I started to get frustrated about the wait until I did more research and saw that the company is operating out of Ukraine; that totally excuses the wait and is actually impressive. I am glad that I could get a good piece of gear while also helping folks who are surviving an invasion.

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