Pauldrons “Errant Squire”

Articulated stainless spaulders c.1460


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Errant Squire Pauldrons

Articulated stainless steel pauldrons c.1460

In his free time, the Errant Squire wanders the countryside outside the keep, imagining the knight he will one day become. Good with a sword, quick on his feet and studious, he knows he’s going places. That being said, he’d never question the authority of his knight, and he’s always happy to drop everything and do his job.

The Errant Squire is a set consisting of solid, basic armor pieces, intended to take someone from squire all the way to knighthood. Made from 16ga (1.5mm) stainless steel and 18ga (1mm) overlapping articulated plates, these pauldrons are made to take a beating and stand the test of time. Cast brass rivets hold the whole thing together, and sturdy leather straps with period-appropriate brass buckles keep them attached to you. The excellently shiny stainless steel is much easier to take care of than mild steel, and will remain robust and lustrous even after a bit of rain or sweat.

These pauldrons articulate like no other! Sliding rivets ensure they’re incredibly flexible and won’t limit your arm movement. Slightly thinner stainless steel used for the articulation keeps them strong but slightly less bulky, and allows the plates to articulate flawlessly. In designing these beautiful pauldrons, we took inspiration from Giovanni Spanzotti’s “tournament pauldrons”, made by master Biagio c. 1460 Milan. Instead of a floating besegew, additional chest protection is achieved through solid discs that are a part of the whole piece of armor. They fit perfectly alongside our matching Errant Squire Gorget and Errant Squire Arm Harness.

While this set is beautiful in its simplicity, we also have “The Paladin Collection”, which offers the same excellent XV century style with ornate etching and premium details as well.

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Important note about measurements: please take into account that we need your measurements in gambeson, choses or other under-armour gear you are planning to use with this armor. The only exception is when you are ordering both armour and padding from our company — in this case you can send us your body measurements.


  • 16ga stainless steel (1.5mm);
  • 18ga stainless steel (1mm) on articulated plates;
  • Leather straps;
  • Cast brass buckles;
  • Solid brass rivets.


  • Rust resistant stainless steel is easy to take care of;
  • Historically inspired;
  • Suitable for XV century;
  • Solid rivet construction;
  • Flexible sliding rivets;
  • Beautiful articulation.

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