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"Fireside Family" Kids Cape

Water-resistant cape for kids

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"Fireside Family" kids water resistant cape

Water-resistant cape for kids

This waterproof poncho is definitely a compromise, but it is also a point where modern technology meet ancient ideas and practical reasons of everyday medieval camping meet period look. If medieval, LARP, or SCA events are one of your regular activities, most likely you saw many times how bad weather and rain transforms a beautiful medieval place into something very different, with lonely and embarrassed people trying to fix their tents and save their belongings.

In some locations, like Bicolline in Quebec, Canada, rain is a regular and practically inevitable companion of your medieval life. So, we made something that works well, looks reasonably "decorum" and allows you to stay in character for ourselves, and then decided that we are not only ones who need this. For kids it is especially important, little humans sometimes lose the feel of time being busy slaying dragons under the rain and sending expeditions in the puddles, so parents need to be confident that at least some parts will be dry.

This waterproof poncho is pretty simple, it is pretty much a huge ellipse with a hole for the head, with two layers of fabric on the hood and a pelerine, with rope lacing on the neck. Simple, practical and working solution, that also transforms kids into little dwarfs or hobbits instead of plastic monsters. One more thing, that you can wear it at home too and have a piece of good memories on them when the weather is upsetting

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  • Water-resistant polyester;
  • Leather toggles.

Length at the center of the back:

  • Size 98/110 - 62 cm (24 ¹³/₃₂ '');
  • Size 116/128 - 81 cm (31 ⁵⁷/₆₄ '');
  • Size 134/152 - 96 cm (37 ⁵¹/₆₄ '').


  • Water-resistant cape fabric;
  • Fits into the medieval or fantasy environment;
  • Adjustable drawstrings on the hood.

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