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“First Adventure” Linen Pouch

Sackcloth kids bag with wooden toggle

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“First Adventure” Linen Pouch

Sackcloth linen kids bag with wooden toggle

Is your child ready to go on a quest, but not quite dressed for it? Look no further than “First Adventure”, our collection of comfy and stylish children’s clothing. Just because it’s made for children doesn’t mean that we’ve reduced the quality. We’ve used all of the same premium textiles and expert tailoring techniques that you’ll find on our adult clothing, in brand new designs made especially to fit children. We’re not just interested in making cool clothing, though - we have also made a number of cool accessories, including this cute pouch!

This pouch is made to fit the absolute essentials, such as a phone and some little snacks. It is made from two different layers of linen and is nice and robust. It has fabric handles sewn into the actual structure of the bag, which can be tied together into a crossbody strap to suit your needs. The bag closes at the top with a wooden toggle and hemp loop, which hopefully stops most items from falling out.

The outer layer of linen is rough sackcloth linen, which is loosely woven and has quite a nice texture to it. The inside layer is a much tighter, finer linen, which is perfect for protecting your belongings and adding some structure to the bag. We’ve designed this piece to be durable and long-lasting, so all of the seams are robust, well hidden, and made to care.

If you have any questions about this bag, please contact us.

Pay attention to one important thing: most kids, especially when it comes to smaller ones, are used to wearing way softer clothing, which is usually made of extremely soft and stretch fabric. So there is a chance your kid won't be happy dealing with medieval clothes limitations and natural fabric early on. As we experimented on our own kids, statistically all of them get used to this after a while – normally when linen gets softer and shapes a tad on the owner's body. But please be very conscious about it in the beginning and make sure your kid is really comfortable with the medieval costume. We tried our best to make this clothing as comfortable and loose and flowing as possible, but natural fabric and ancient patterns have their disadvantages, so the final decision is on you: we can't guarantee that any kid will be comfortable wearing our medieval clothes.


  • Linen sackcloth;
  • 100% linen lining;
  • Wooden toggle;
  • Hemp lacing.


  • Fits any phone;
  • Wooden toggle keeps it closed;
  • Adjustable cross strap;
  • Soft linen lining.


  • Width: 18cm (7 ³/₃₂'');
  • Height: 22cm (8 ²¹/₃₂'');
  • Depth: 3cm (1 ³/₁₆'');
  • Strap width: 3.5cm (1 ³/₈'');
  • Handle maximum length: 150cm (59'').

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1 feedback

  • Joe 11 of August 2021:

    I got the Satchel for my daughter we are reenactors at a viking camp. She loves it!

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