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Kids LARP, Halloween and Medieval clothing crafted from organic textiles, full of designs for children that are stylish and comfortable. Great selection of tunics, dresses and other outfits and footwear for children

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Are you planning to go LARPing with your children? Do you want your kids to enjoy a Renaissance Fair event? This is our first line of items made to fit our smallest customers.! We know exactly how difficult it is to find quality Medieval or Renaissance fair costumes for kids, so we decided to apply our usual design principles and high-quality construction to garments made for little ones. It’s now easier than ever before to put together a kids knight costume or find a well-made medieval dress for children. As parents ourselves, we understand how important it is that clothing is comfortable, looks cool, and makes our children feel fantastic. That’s why we took great care in designing everything and even tested it on our own kids!
All of our tunics for kids are made to compliment your own kit and make you stand out as a family. We’ve made them out of premium textiles with the ability to customize colors and contrasting borders so that they can match your costume and heraldry! Nothing looks better than a well-put-together, happy family. The whole collection also includes other bits and pieces to make complete costumes, such as hoods, cloaks, bags, belts, dresses and more. Every item has been designed with consideration to make sure they’re safe, comfy, and are built to last.

Medieval clothing and shoes for children

The highest quality kids renaissance festival costumes

It can be so difficult to find great clothing for children, and it is a lot of hard work to make! That’s exactly why we decided to start making it ourselves - we wanted nice attractive clothes for our own children to wear at festivals. We’re excited to share these awesome designs with you so that you don’t have to leave anyone behind or have any of your children feel left out.

So many choices of medieval dresses for kids

Not only have we designed and produced beautiful clothing for you, but we’ve made lots of different options! You no longer have to sacrifice style for comfort and can still customize your look to be unique. All of our styles are designed and manufactured in-house here at ArmStreet, so you know they’re going to be great quality.

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Beautiful clothing for the whole family

Why not give your child clothing that matches your favorite ArmStreet garment? We’ve used all of the same quality cotton and linens, so you can find them something in the exact same color! There’s never been a better time to make the whole family match your personal heraldry.

Get the perfect fit on a kids tunic

It can be so difficult to make something that fits a child correctly. This is because children are not the same general shape as adults and actually need completely different patterns. Our kid's knight tunic and all of our other garments are completely re-designed especially to fit kids!

Go on an adventure with comfort and style

Hardy cotton and soft flax linen feel great against your skin, and all of our children’s garments are designed to have lots of room under the arms to accommodate movement, fighting, and other adventures.

A cute, comfortable kids cloak

Why go through the trauma of making a cloak when you can just purchase one that’s already perfect? After designing all of our children’s items, we decided to put them to the rest of our kids. Our cloaks were so popular with our own children that we had trouble getting them back after the initial photoshoot!

The best medieval costumes for girls

We’re not shy to admit that we think we have the best children’s costumes around. Medieval costumes for boys and girls are usually made from less quality fabric, with lazy construction techniques. We’ve made sure that every effort has been applied to our items to make them the best possible quality and last you for years to come.

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