Halloween Kids Long Undertunic

Linen underdress chemise for children

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Halloween Kids Long Undertunic

Linen underdress chemise for children

Here is a treat for the younger members of your family: the complete collection of high-quality Halloween items by ArmStreet! Whether you want just to add a themed belt or gather a full layered costume of underdress, overdress, hat, belt, cape and shoes - we have something for you. Spooky colours of natural fabrics, exclusive ArmStreet trims with bloody thorns and wild pumpkins and classic designs are here to magically turn the kid starting from 3 years old into a witch or a magician.

Do you see natural linen used for kids' Halloween costumes often? Neither do we, that is exactly why you can now purchase layered witch costume here, at ArmStreet made of 100% flax linen. This underdress is made of fine linen we use for the undergarments because of its comfy feel and high quality. Flax linen is completely natural – this fibre loosens up with time to a soft texture that feels wonderful next to your skin though it may feel a little bit stiff at the beginning. Do not forget to mention this fabric is incredibly breathable and wicks away moisture. There is also a simple tie at the neck.

Wearing clothing made of natural fabrics according to classical patterns feels different from modern clothing, so we advise you to prepare your child and tell them how it’s going to feel before they try on their new linen garment. The chemise doesn’t have any zippers and also doesn’t stretch in a way a modern garment would, which can seem to be a little bit uncomfortable. But here is a trick: ask your kid to put the arms in to find the armholes, and then help to “dive” into the neck hole with the head. We do not recommend using the modern method of head-first-arms-second because it might result in arms being stuck!

This ankle-length undertunic has a t-shape and can easily be worn underneath an overdress as it is not too bulky. It flares at the waistline due to 4 gores that give it some extra fabric and movement. For better running, jumping, and frightening experiences the sleeves have gussets under the arms and generous armholes. The slightly tapered sleeves are of full length and come down the wrist.

If you or your little witch or wizard have any questions about this item, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

To check how to measure yourself please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • 100% fine flax linen.


  • Medieval design;
  • Easy movements thanks to the underarm gussets;
  • High-quality fabric;
  • Long sleeves;
  • Ankle length;
  • Tie at the front.

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