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“First Adventure” Pilgrim’s Bag

Children's sackcloth linen satchel

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“First Adventure” Pilgrim’s Satchel

Children's sackcloth linen bag

Are your children ready to pick up their first sword and go on an epic quest? “First Adventure” provides them with clothing and accessories that are manufactured to a high standard, super comfy, and built to last. As parents ourselves, we understand the importance of making high-quality items that will fit into children’s active lifestyles, so we’ve done our best to create cool items that they’re going to love. While we beleive that stylish clothing is very imporant, we also know how much the little things matter! That is why we’ve created this beautiful little bag.

Based on a medieval pilgrim’s satchel, this bag is the perfect size to fit the essentials. It is made from two layers of linen and has built-in handles sewn into the structure of the bag itself, which can be tied together into a crossbody strap. The bag includes a flap that protects the inside, folding over the front and closing at the bottom with a wooden toggle and a hemp loop.

The outside of the bag is made from slightly rougher sackcloth linen, which has a chunkier weave and texture to it, with finer linen used on the inside to protect your belongings. The whole bag is very well constructed with hidden seams and fine finishing.

If you have any questions about this bag, please contact us.

Pay attention to one important thing: most kids, especially when it comes to smaller ones, are used to wearing way softer clothing, which is usually made of extremely soft and stretch fabric. So there is a chance your kid won't be happy dealing with medieval clothes limitations and natural fabric early on. As we experimented on our own kids, statistically all of them get used to this after a while – normally when linen gets softer and shapes a tad on the owner's body. But please be very conscious about it in the beginning and make sure your kid is really comfortable with the medieval costume. We tried our best to make this clothing as comfortable and loose and flowing as possible, but natural fabric and ancient patterns have their disadvantages, so the final decision is on you: we can't guarantee that any kid will be comfortable wearing our medieval clothes.


  • Linen sackcloth;
  • 100% linen lining;
  • Wooden toggle;
  • Hemp lacing.


  • Fits any phone;
  • Wooden toggle keeps it closed;
  • Adjustable cross strap;
  • Soft linen lining.


  • Width: 18cm (7 ³/₃₂'');
  • Height: 22cm (8 ²¹/₃₂'');
  • Depth: 3cm (1 ³/₁₆'');
  • Strap width: 3.5cm (1 ³/₈'');
  • Handle maximum length: 150cm (59'').

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