Spindly Spider Web Ring

Ring with blackened brass and enamel


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Spindly Spider Web Ring

Spooky ring with blackened brass and red enamel

An evil queen is always dressed to kill. She’s as brilliant as she is brooding, and she always seems to have an effortlessness about her – everything is flawless without question. She wouldn’t be caught dead without matching accessories and is always dressed to the nines with matching jewelry. This ring was crafted with our Moonless Night Collection in mind and matches our Spiderweb Coat perfectly.

While some people may think that spiders are spooky, we think they’re stunning. Our designer made this ring specifically to look like a spindly spider with long, curvy legs and a sharp, pointed back. The design is expertly laser-cut with great attention to detail so you won’t find any rough spots or unfinished corners. We’ve included an adjustable ring on the back of the spider, to ensure it’ll fit on your finger with or without gloves.

We perfected two new technologies in the creation of this ring and the rest of our Spiderweb Collection. We’re excited to present chemical shading of brass and enameling. You’ll see the shading in the tone of the brass – it’s much darker than it would usually be, and has a beautiful deep tone that’s undeniably eye-catching. Enamelling is found in the head and back of the spider, with red accents that really make this whole ring pop.

If you like the idea of spiders but aren’t in love with this design, check out our other Angular Spiderweb Ring – it has a more geometric shape with the same excellent shaded brass and red enamel.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Brass;
  • Enamel.


  • ArmStreet exclusive design;
  • Adjustable size;
  • Enamelled accents;
  • Blackened brass.


  • Length of the spider: 7 cm (2 3/4'');
  • Width of the spider: 5.5 cm (2 3/16'').

This item is part of the “Moonless Night” collection

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