Wide Viking Fabric Belt with Trim

Long linen double-sided belt with fringe


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Wide Viking Fabric Belt with Trim

Long linen belt with fringe and hemp cord bordering

The lifestyle during the Early Middle Ages, especially the adventurous Viking way of life, left a distinctive mark on the clothing and accessories of that era. Back then, your clothes needed to be warm enough to endure the harsh Norse weather yet sturdy and reliable for combat, as Vikings often engaged in battles. It meant there was no time for intricate designs or tailored fits. A simple, wide tunic with long sleeves was practical, allowing freedom of movement.

But let's imagine a different scenario: there are no raids on the horizon, and you have time to stroll through your settlement's streets. How can you transform your everyday attire into something special while still keeping it suitable for the time and place? Well, here's where a belt comes in handy. With just two wraps around your waist and a knot, your typical T-shaped tunic can take on a more elegant and ceremonial appearance. You can wear it as a belt to improve the fit of your traditional tunic or use it as a striking accessory during your Viking adventures – the choice is yours.

Since Viking-themed items first appeared in our medieval shop, it's always been about the details and subtle touches. This belt isn't just a part of your overall Viking character outfit; it contains hidden gems of its own. For instance, it features trim with motifs inspired by historical findings from the Viking Era, adding authenticity to your look. Additionally, a hemp cord runs alongside the trim, providing subtle depth and visual contrast, even though it might not be immediately noticeable. Crafted from natural flax linen with a natural cotton mouline thread fringe, this belt is long enough to wrap twice around your waist for that extra touch of style.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • 100% flax linen;
  • Unique trim;
  • Cotton mouline thread (fringe);
  • Hemp cord.


  • Overall width: 6-6.5 cm;
  • Cotton fringe length: 6.5 cm;
  • Size S – 300 cm (9' 10 ⁷/₆₄ '') long;
  • Size M – 300 cm (9' 10 ⁷/₆₄ '') long;
  • Size L – 340 cm (11' 1 ⁵⁵/₆₄ '') long;
  • Size XL – 370 cm (12' 1 ⁴³/₆₄ '') long;
  • Size XXL – 400 cm (13' 1 ³¹/₆₄ '') long.


  • Unique ArmStreet trim on both sides.
  • Wraps twice around the waist;
  • Fringe on the ends;
  • Hemp cord finishing.

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