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"Ulf the Carver" Tunic with Trim

Short-sleeved tunic with accents

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"Ulf the Carver" Tunic with Trim and Accents

Linen knee-length short-sleeved tunic

Skilled hands were always in demand, and people who were able to make beautiful and practical things were among the most respected members of the medieval community.

This tunic shows both the level of success and also a simple and practical approach to clothing. As well as other pieces from our "Fireside Family" collection it doesn't have excessive accents and we were focusing on clean lines, fabric, and quality instead. This simple XI-XII century design is very "medieval" in popular perception and opens a lot of possibilities in terms of character building and events. Technically it is a short-sleeved tunic with a wide V-shaped neckline and relaxed but not too loose silhouette. The trim we designed for this particular collection imitates traditional tablet weaving and is supported with fabric accents that could be a contrasting element of the design.

The tunic is wide enough to be worn over the under-tunic if you wish for a properly layered full outfit, but it can also be used as your only main clothing when the weather is hot and the job is hard.

For this version, we also offer a selection of exclusive patterned linens which makes this tunic more suitable for special events or as an early Middle Ages upper-class costume. It also gives you a lot of freedom in terms of layering and combinations with other items from the "Fireside Family" collection as they all are united by similar accents, time period, and matching fabric and trim options. Enjoy your medieval family, fight, make, create and have fun.

Please note that while this listing is for the tunic, there is also a belt available for purchase separately.

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  • 100% flax linen;
  • Trim.


  • Contrasting accents along the edges;
  • High quality all-natural fabric;
  • Generic medieval design;
  • Wide short sleeves;
  • Split at the front and back;
  • Trim imitates tablet weaving.

This item is part of the “Fireside Family” collection

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  • Guest 14 of September 2021:

    what is that axe?

    ArmStreet Team:

    The axe is available for purchase here:

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1 feedback

  • Luc Brouillette 19 of January 2022:

    Simply the best look for Bicolline !!!

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