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Knight Templar Undertunic

Medieval crusader shirt undertunic


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Knight Templar Undertunic

Medieval Crusader shirt undertunic

A cold stone surface slowly drew aside, revealing a narrow opening of a passage behind. It was dark and damp inside and a torch smoked softly in the hand, casting sharp shadows on the ancient walls. Yet the air was not stagnant and the draft made a young knight in the thin templar tunic shiver. When had he taken off his armour? He felt he had seen the place before, but the memory of it slipped away, leaving him stepping further into the smoke and dampness of the passageway. Uncertainly he turned left and there was the door, now he clearly remembered it.

A small chamber was filled with soft light, so unlike the hard blaze of the torch. And in the middle of the room there stood a golden goblet with a rose in it. Somebody spoke gently to the man in an unknown language and he stood listening for an eternity, until the voice stopped.

A dawn had already begun to tinge roofs with gold. The young knight woke up abruptly in his cellar. Something calm and happy had been in his dream, but he forgot about it soon and began to dress himself, absent-mindedly shaking the soot, as if emerged out of nowhere, from the sleeve of his crusader tunic.

Templar natural cotton tunic

A light-weight and mostly undyed undertunic was a traditional undergarment worn by men during the Middle Ages. While it was forbidden to the Templars to wear hoses or long gowns, fashionable in those years among lay knights, the templar tunic of proper length was included in the crusader’s outfit.

Our knights templar tunic would be approved by the Order’s rule. Made of natural cotton fabric, loose-fitting, with no excessive decoration, it can be used as an undertunic with almost any medieval costume. The length of this knight tunic is just below the knees – not too long, not too short – and a front split on the hem ensures easy walking.

By default the templar tunic comes as new-looking, but it is also available with an artificial aging option, where details of real well-worn Knight Templar’s clothes are reproduced, including crumpled fabric, rust stains, cuts and rips received in the Crusade battles.

The knight tunic is produced as a made-to-measure item, so please do not forget to specify your measurements in the order form.

The belt, pants and boots are not included but available separately in our store.

To check how to measure yourself please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • 100% natural cotton

Key features:

  • Medieval men underwear;
  • Trapezoid shaped silhouette;
  • Loose fit;
  • Split neck;
  • Below the knees length;
  • Front slit on the hem;
  • Long sleeves;
  • Made-to-measure;
  • Works well with men tunics of any period;
  • Optional aged look.

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  • Leonard 18 of August 2018:

    Hello checking on your tunics, how long is the arm length? I have very long arms and most tunics I get are too short. I need something like edge of shoulder to wrist 28 inches


    Hi, Leonard! We make custom size clothes. Please simply leave a comment to your order with additional measurement (arm length) and we will make the tunic perfectly fitting you. 

  • Tyrone 07 of October 2015:

    Where do the items ship from? Thank You

    ArmStreet team:

    We have headquarter in Milwaukee, but our design studio, manufacture and support are located in Ukraine. All items are made here, and sent directly from Ukraine to the customer's country.

  • Carson 20 of May 2015:

    I'm not the best with historical clothing, but would the medieval under tunic be suitable for an anglo saxon type outfit. thank you.

    ArmStreet team:

    This tunic can be used in the Anglo-Saxon costume; also pay attention to the Linen Viking Shirt Undertunic.

  • DAVID MCKAY STOUT 01 of November 2014:

    Hay there ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR Website !! I was hoping if you ever will do chain mail?

    ArmStreet team:

    We don't produce chain mail for sale, sorry.

  • joseph 23 of January 2014:

    do you have pictures of what an "aged" white tunic would look like? thank you Joseph

    ArmStreet team:

    "Artificially aged" look implies crumpled fabric with rust stains, holes, uneven ragged hem.

  • Alan McHarg 01 of October 2013:

    Hi, I am unable to get the system to accept (add to cart) once I have entered sizes, for some tunics I am interested in. It asks me to try again later. Any reason for that and is there an alternative way to order? Regards Alan

    ArmStreet team:

    Please try any other browser or email us, we can send you an invoice via PayPal.

  • matt mitler 01 of July 2012:

    What fabric is the Knight Crusader Templar Medieval Shirt Undertunic?

    ArmStreet team:

    Natural cotton.

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6 Feedbacks

  • Kevin oneill 30 of June 2024:

    I love my undertunic , use it every sunny day !

  • Jon the Hutt 28 of December 2021:

    My custom black undertunic fits my chest perfectly! I am so very pleased with how it looks and feels. It’s so well made that it I’m going to use it as my main, regular tunic. Now I just need to order a white one for underneath!

  • Lee Gilley 28 of January 2020:

    Beautiful shirt. High quality cloth and construction. Best shirt available for Templar monastic clothing. Tailored to the individual. Also great under padded armor. Extremely happy with this purchase.

  • Nik 09 of August 2012:

    You are so right, the color and cut are just great. The top and the cushion are unfortunately too big on me, but nevertheless they are beautiful.LG Grit

  • Ben Perry 20 of May 2012:

    I have full this costume and its awesome

  • Dave Terry 11 of March 2012:

    Simple but very authentic part

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