“Dark Wolf” Leather Bag

Medieval bag with brass wolf panel


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“Dark Wolf” Leather Bag

Medieval bag with brass wolf panel

This stunning piece has been designed to complement our “Dark Wolf” collection, a new line of spring steel armor. The armor itself is sleek, fitted, and breathtaking, so it’s only natural that we had to make a similarly amazing bag to go with it! Bags are possibly one of the most important accessories for any outfit because medieval clothing didn’t have pockets.

The shape of this bag is meant to be generically medieval, allowing it to suit medieval armor as well as earlier or later costumes such as Viking or renaissance as well - as long as you’re not looking for reenactor-level historical accuracy. Like most ArmStreet items, this bag is a work of fantasy inspired by historical items but hasn’t been made to any history-specific guidelines. It is a decent size and can hold a phone, small wallet, and other little things you need to carry with you into battle.

The best part of this bag is the brass panel on the outside, which has been etched and adorned like a piece of jewelry in itself. Enamel has been applied to any of the grooves caused by etching, giving it the appearance of a little enamel painting. All of the enamel is completed by our master jewelry who hand-mixes and applies all of the enamel himself, ensuring that everything is perfect.

The design on the front of this bag is a wolf surrounded by stars and foliage. It appears to be standing in a forest at night, howling to the stars and moon. The artwork was created by our team of designers and inspired by medieval art and manuscripts, especially the vined border around the wolf. This is a design exclusive to ArmStreet, so you won’t find such a cool wolf anywhere else!

This is a very high-quality piece that has been constructed from quality leather that has been deeply embossed with a matching vine design. Straps at the front help hold the brass panel closed, which has been finished with brass medieval buckles. The whole bag is stitched together with strong artificial sinew, which has the same appearance as traditional leatherworking but won’t rot in the same way. Overall, every single detail of this piece has been well thought out to ensure you get a luxurious bag that you'll be proud to wear.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Leather;
  • Brass;
  • Enamel;
  • Brass buckles;
  • Artificial sinew.


  • A great size for phones and small wallets;
  • ArmStreet exclusive art;
  • Enameling;
  • Beautiful brass panel;
  • Medieval buckles;
  • Stitched together with reliable artificial sinew.


  • Length 6 ¹⁹/₆₄'' (16 cm);
  • Height 5 ⁵/₁₆'' (13.5 cm);
  • Width 2 ³/₄'' (7 cm).

This item is part of the “Dark Wolf” collection

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1 Comment

  • Guest 26 of December 2021:

    Hello! I'm thinking in buying this wolf's bag to combine it with my Milanese knight belt ( Will it fit? I mean, the bag is able to handle such a wide belt? Thanks

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hello, yes, of course.

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