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Wool Cloak “Dark Wolf”

Medieval Knight Woolen Cloak


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Knight Cloak “Dark Wolf”

Woolen Medieval Knight cloak

Nothing screams “authority” quite like a huge, billowing cape. A cape has a way of speaking for you, informing all of your enemies that you’re an important person who shouldn’t be messed with. Not only does it look absolutely amazing, but it’s also useful, providing you with an additional layer of warmth in case you get caught camping on a cold campaign, or just looking for somewhere dry to sit. A man with a cape is always prepared for anything.

This cape isn’t just your regular old circle cloak - though it takes as much fabric as one! Nearly 6 meters of fabric have been meticulously folded and pleated to create a dramatic piece that resembles the wings of a great bat. The sides of the cloak hang a bit lower than the rest of it, and the whole thing has a very unique and interesting appearance.

This cape is made from wool, which is a lush natural textile that has countless amazing properties. Our favourite aspect of wool is how nicely it drapes, along with the fact that it can keep you warm and protected from the elements. Wool is naturally water resistant, meaning it will give you some additional protection from the rain as well.

The cloak attaches to your armor with the help of two strong leather tabs, which are embossed with patterns from our “Dark Wolf” collection, and throughout this whole piece you’ll find fine finishes and craftsmanship. The edges are decorated with thick silver thread, and all seams are beautifully finished.

If you are taller than 160cm, this cloak will not reach the ground for you. If you have any further questions, please contact our customer support.

To check how to measure yourself please click here.


  • Wool;
  • Silver thread;
  • Leather tabs;
  • Metal rings.


  • Unique shape/ cut;
  • Embellished edges with silver thread;
  • Warm woolen fabric;
  • Attaches to armour.

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2 Feedbacks

  • Sigos 05 of January 2024:

    Very nice cloak,very elegant,feel like royalty wearing it!

  • James Andrews 25 of February 2022:

    I got the Dark Wolf cape in burgundy with silver trim and black leather clasps. The cape quality is amazing. Great length and amount of material kinda give me a batman feel to it since you can wrap it around yourself and it does reach the ground with a dynamic bad ass look. cant wait to wear it over my armor.

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