“Old Gods” Viking Shield

Wooden viking shield with etched accents


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“Old Gods” Painted Wood Viking Shield

Wooden viking shield with etched stainless steel accents.

A design favoured by vikings, round shields are a versatile accompaniment to your short sword or spear. It is important to remember that round shields are just as much a weapon as they are a protection, and can be used aggressively in a fight. Strong edges make them great for binding your opponent, while the punch grip in the shield boss makes for great manoeuvrability. If you’re a fan of fluid combat styles and making quick tactical choices in the heat of battle, this is the shield for you! The shield boss is one of the things that makes his a round shield opposed to a targe - it is thought that shield bosses not only made room for the grip at the back, but could possibly be used to catch your opponent's sword.

We have crafted this beautiful shield from plywood, which we have left natural and unstained. We have painted onto the shield directly, so you can still see the beautiful nature and texture of the wood through the paint. Two additional wood beams on the back of the shield reinforce the structure, along with plenty of nails to make sure it stands up to combat. It’s further strengthened by a 2mm stainless steel shield boss and 1.5mm beams that stretch out from the boss in four directions to the edges of the shield like a compass, with another small piece of steel wrapping around the leather edge to the back. All of the etching on this shield is ArmStreet exclusive and put together by our talented team of designers after hours of careful research. We aimed to give them a historical basis and a viking aesthetic, while also creating the most visual impact possible. The shield is edged with leather that wraps from the front of the shield to the back, and is secured with robust artificial sinew and hand stitching.

The back of the shield is very functional as well as fantastic to look at. The cylindrical wooden handle is positioned in the middle of the shield behind the boss, and is wrapped in leather for a bit of extra grip and comfort. It is reinforced with modern screws to make sure it is as structurally sound as possible, and we have covered up the screws with leather and nails to ensure they don’t ruin your look. We have also attached a handy strap on the back of the shield, which is finished with beautiful hardware and can be adjusted with a buckle in the middle. This is extra useful if you’re looking to walk a long distance with your shield - it is much more convenient than carrying it in your hand!

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Plywood;

  • 1.5mm (16ga) stainless steel;
Genuine leather edging;
  • Paint and lacquer;
  • Artificial sinew;
  • Mild steel rivets;
  • Leather strapping;
  • Stainless steel loops and buckles.


  • Historically inspired design;
  • Ornate etching;
  • Comfortable handle;
  • Leather edges finished with hand stitching;

  • Reinforced handle;

  • Adjustable carrying strap;

  • Hidden screws.


  • Diameter: 90 cm (35 7/16 inches).

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1 Comment

  • Joe Noonan 07 of September 2019:

    What is the weight on this item?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hi Joe, it is 5 kg. 

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