Small Viking Axe with Wolves

Stainless steel axe head

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    Small Etched Viking Axe with Wolves

    Stainless steel axe head

    This beautiful little decorative axe is designed with viking aesthetics in mind, and is made to go well with any dark ages costume. Made from hollow stainless steel, this axe will remain beautiful and shiny while also being light and easy to wield. It is perfect for photoshoots or just as a decorative weapon by your side at events.

    Stainless steel construction means that we can achieve deep etching without fearing one of the common problems with etching: rust. Just give it a wipe with a dry cloth after a rainstorm and it should hold up quite well! It is adorned with viking knot work finishing along the blade in a wolf motif. This is completely designed by our in-house team, and has been created exclusively for ArmStreet after careful research into viking knot work and decoration.

    The axe comes without any handle attached, leaving it up to you what you do with it! You can attach an ornately carved haft, something more simple, or even a cool stick you find. It’s completely up to your creative mind to decide how you wish to finish this decorative weapon.

    Please contact us if you have any additional questions.

    Important note: this is a decorative weapon and is not intended to be used in combat or as a tool. The edge on this axe is blunted and cannot be sharpened, and the head is hollow. By buying the weapon you accept full responsibility for your actions and will use it only in places where it is considered safe to use, away from children, other people and objects that may be harmed.


    • Stainless steel (hollow).


    • Axe head: 21cm x 14.5 cm (8 1/4'' x 5 5/7'')
    • Hole for handle: 4cm x 2.5cm (1 4/7'' x 1'')


    • Ornate etching;
    • Viking axe design;
    • Customize with your own axe handle.

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