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“Edge” ridged shoulder protection

Plastic pauldrons with ribs for fencing

$59.00 $44.00

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"Edge" ridged shoulder protection

Plastic pauldrons with ribs for fencing

As it often happened throughout the history of ArmStreet, when we are passionate about something, we'd love to have the best of the best. And often there are no good solutions in the market. In this case we tend to create exactly what we need and most likely in several options. Just in case, to have the variety to choose from. So when part of the team falls in love with HEMA fencing we create everything the choice swordsman would dream about. Several sets of basic protection, for example.

No matter the fencing style, you would definitely prefer your protection gear to be durable and reliable while not restricting movements or being heavy. These pauldrons blend modern technology and period-inspired aesthetics, utilizing plastic that resists cracks to get you covered. Our "Edge" line of protection features pronounced ridges, making it ideal for use with heavier weapons such as longswords, heavy sabres, or sword and buckler combinations.

This time we took launch preparation very seriously. During a year all versions of our plastic protection were extensively used in HEMA tournaments and sparring practice without any reports of cracks. The impact-resistant properties of our two-component plastic are enhanced by an EVA liner, which also provides shock absorption and adds a stylish touch. The pauldrons design provides excellent coverage, while a set of pre-drilled holes allow for easy attachment to your fencing jacket or gambeson. With our "Edge" line of protection, you can confidently focus on your fencing and enjoy the sport to the fullest.

We send 2 yards (or more) of rubber lacing with every pair of plastic protection. There are several ways to attach this gear, but it mostly depends on what type of loops your gambeson and pants have. You can also use any other lacing of similar diameter, elastic or not. Elastic lacing is more efficient in giving you more flexibility but also allows your protection to move a bit, so it’s up to you. Most fencers have their own preferences in regard to how tight they want their plastic gear attached.

Please note: the side to side lengths in the "Dimensions" section are the real dimensions of the pauldrons in said sizes.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Two-component plastic;
  • EVA.


  • Perfect coverage;
  • Ridged surface;
  • Lightweight
  • Cracks-resistant plastic;
  • EVA lining;
  • Style and comfort.


  • S/M: side to side length 20 cm (7 ⁷/₈”);
  • L/XL: side to side length 22.5 cm (8 ⁵⁵/₆₄”).

This item is part of the “Modern Swordsmanship” collection

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  • Marton 22 of June 2023:

    Cool plastic gear will buy more soon...

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