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"German Rose” Shoes with Cutouts

Cow Mouth style women’s square shoes

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"German Rose” Square Shoes with Cutouts

Cow Mouth style women’s leather shoes

This collection is all about understated beauty. We wanted to take aspects of clothing that are often overlooked - such as perfect patterning and high quality, natural materials - and present them in a show-stopping way. When it comes to shoe design, we will often look to fantasy shapes or ornate embossing to create cool new items. With these shoes, though, we decided to take a look at German history to find a design that is already stunning, so that we could showcase it with our fine craftsmanship.

Our master shoemaker has been crafting fine footwear for many years and takes great pride in being able to make a shoe that looks medieval but does have some slight modern comforts. Traditionally, medieval shoes were always completely flat, without any heel at all. We consider this to be one of the main differences between modern shoes and their medieval counterparts.

“Cow Mouth” was a popular style in the 16th century for both men and women. The main characteristic of this style was the square toe, which was quite a departure from earlier style more pointed shoes. They were popular in all classes of society. A strap at the middle of the shoe keeps it attached to your foot, which we have finished with a brass buckle.

The main body for the shoe is made from leather. We have used suede to emphasize cutouts at the front of the shoe, which add a pop of contrasting color and really make these shoes amazing! The whole shoe is very well constructed, with neat (contrasting) stitching and fine curves to fit your foot. We hope that you appreciate them for their fine craftsmanship as much as you do for their comfort!

As with all of our shoes, these are well constructed and should serve you well. To increase their life, though, please make sure that you wipe off any excess dirt (especially in the seams) after each wear, and allow them to dry between each use. We also recommend the use of leather conditioner when they are dry (though we don’t recommend getting leather conditioner on the suede cutouts).

To check how to measure yourself please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Leather;
  • Suede;
  • Brass buckle.


  • True to size square toe;
  • Historically inspired;
  • Modern shoe comfort;
  • Contrasting stitching;
  • Suede cutout patterns.

This item is part of the “Renaissance Memories” collection

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1 Comment

  • Sarah 29 of January 2020:

    Is it possible to get the suede in green or is it only available in red?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hello, please select custom size option for the shoes to see all color options. We have green shade color but it is not as bright as red. 

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3 Feedbacks

  • Rebekah 01 of November 2021:

    I really like these shoes. :)

  • Lisa 12 of August 2021:

    Thrilled with these shoes. They are well made, comfortable, and perfect for my Renaissance outfit. They arrived quickly and very well packaged. I am very glad to have found these.

  • Nina 12 of May 2020:

    I looked for Landsknecht shoes for so long, because I really wanted something more elegant than the ones I found on the internet. Armstreet did a really good job to combine exactly this elegant part with the historic Landsknecht show. I love the little details with the red suede. The little brass buckles are amazing and really fit to the red sued in my opinion. Also they are super comfy. The sole is a bit stiff, but I think that is pretty normal for Landsknecht-like shoes. I wasn't surprised about that. I have really narrow feet, so I would probably loose the shoes if I would run. But since I don't intend to run with this shoes, they stay really comfy on my feet. :)

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