Renaissance Memories

An extensive Renaissance costume wardrobe, including dresses, chemise, apron, shoes, headwear, and accessories

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Are you looking for a perfect Renaissance dress? Welcome to the world of Renaissance costume with ArmStreet. What is it that creates beauty? Some think that it is something physical, like the soft curve where a woman’s neck meets her shoulders. Others think it’s something more complex, like the way she moves, or the sound of her voice. At ArmStreet, we are no strangers to beauty. After much thought, we decided that we feel that beauty is created by something abstract, that can’t quite be defined. In this Renasissance dresses  and clothing collection, we made an effort to capture this unexplainable, captivating concept, and create a line of medieval Renaissance dresses and accessories that truly takes your breath away.


Feminine and innocent, most of our designs are inspired by historical garments from the XIII century up to the Renaissance. You’ll find square necklines, softly flared, voluminous skirts, dainty pleats, and well-fitted shoulders. We have taken what we feel are the best parts of historical clothing and combined them with our extensive design knowledge to give you a collection that would make ideal Renaissance festival costumes.


This collection is generous, too! We have created a full Renaissance clothing wardrobe for you, starting from dresses and including shoes, headwear, and accessories, using some of our most advanced manufacturing technologies, such as enamel and complex bag-making. We have held nothing back, embellishing garments with elaborate embroidery and using our most luxurious materials, such as lush velvet. We imagine a variety of characters wearing these costumes – from noblewomen to merchants, politicians, princesses, and even farmers daughters (if they’ve found themselves having particularly good luck)… so, we ask you: what beauty will you create with “Renaissance Memories”?

Renaissance dresses and more

ArmStreet exclusive Renaissance clothing

ArmStreet exclusive means that you won’t find these designs anywhere else. While we have used historical source material to gain inspiration and help us design our finished product, all of our patterns are made by us. We have an extensive design studio and process that allows us to create beautiful garments that are not available anywhere else in the world.

Wear the best Renaissance costumes

When we say “best”, we mean it. Not only are our costumes well designed by professionals with years of work, but they are also constructed out of premium materials, using the best techniques possible. All seams are overlocked and beautifully finished to ensure your costume stands the test of time. Each and every item goes through quality assurance before making its way to you as well, so you’ll be able to wear your costume with pride.

A new take on Classic Renaissance Dresses

When many people try to make a costume from this time period, they incorrectly think of corsets worn over top of a renaissance skirt. Actually, they dresses were much more nuanced than that, which is why we attempted to create something that still had the beautiful, fitted silhouette, but showcased parts of the body other than the waist. "Renaissance Memories" puts emphasis on the collar bones and shoulders, drawing the eye to the wearer’s neck in a flattering way.

Renaissance Dresses and accessories
Renaissance clothes costume bag

So many renaissance dresses and gowns to choose from

We know that the internet gives you endless choice when it comes to choosing a medieval dress. It’s incredibly difficult to make a decision when you are constantly being bombarded by different designs from all over the world. By choosing to buy with ArmStreet, you can rest easy knowing that you are choosing a full-cycle company that designs and produces our own dresses – no outsourcing or reselling involved.

This is the perfect shop for your medieval wedding

Because of our high quality, we are a safe bet when it comes to getting your wedding dress. We understand how important your big day is, and will try our best to make sure your dress is everything you’ve ever dreamed of. We have a reliable, helpful customer support team who is there to help you in case anything goes wrong or isn’t quite perfect. That’s what makes us an ideal shop for medieval wedding dresses, shoes, and accessories. Perhaps it’s time that you added renaissance wedding dresses to your shopping list!

So where should you start?

We always say that you should start with the piece of the costume that inspires you the most. Look through our wonderful collection and decide which piece of costuming truly draws you in and take your breath away. The most important thing when it comes to renaissance costumes for women is that you have a piece of costume that you truly love. If you are overjoyed by something - such as a bag, or a dress – you’ll find yourself looking forward to the hobby more and more, which will inspire you to continue building your outfit.

Improve your renaissance fair costume

There are so many things that can make a costume amazing, and it’s difficult to know where to start! Don’t worry – ArmStreet is here to make sure you have the best outfit possible. There are a number of things that will automatically make you look well put together. The most important thing here is layers! This makes your costume look less like a costume and more like you are wearing actual clothing that could have been worn historically. Here are some examples of layers you can wear that will make you look like you are wearing more than just a dress to create your perfect renaisance costume

  • Chemise or underclothes
  • Dress
  • Overdress, cape or jacket
  • Belt
  • Renaissance shoes
  • Bag, pouches or purses

If you have most of these things, you will automatically look well put together! Trust us – we’re experts when it comes to designing women's renaissance costumes.

Renaissance Clothes Dress
Renaissance hat costumeRenaissance clothes hat costumeRenaissance hats for costume

So what exactly were renaissance hats?

Of course, let’s not forget about the hats – they are another important layer that will instantly make your costume look fantastic. In medieval times, women almost always covered their hair. However, felted hats were quite expensive. This means that the average woman would wear a simple head covering to protect their hair from wandering eyes. We have created a historically inspired cap with this collection to help you cover your hair.

So much renaissance clothing for sale

Don’t stop with choosing a costume for yourself – why not dress up your partner or friend in a matching costume? While it may look like we sell a lot of dresses, we actually have an incredibly extensive line of men’s clothing available as well. You’ll be able to find vests, pants, a few different varieties of renaissance shirt, and a ton of other medieval-inspired clothing that won’t look out of place next to a beautiful woman wearing our Renaissance Memories collection.

Worldwide shipping to the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States!

No worries if you’re from the far reaches of the earth – we can ship basically anywhere. Whether you are from the small island of New Zealand, the far reaches of Canada, or the US and UK, we have you covered! If you are worried, we highly recommend going with our express UPS option – this will allow you to track your shipment wherever it goes, and it will arrive much quicker as well.

So, now you’re left with a difficult question. Which will you choose? A green renaissance dress, red renaissance dress, or perhaps just smaller accessories to complete a costume you already have. The choice is yours, and there is so much to choose from!

renaissance brooch costume
Renaissance dress costume "German Rose"

German Renaissance kirtle and more

The other side of this collection gives a more understated, humble window into renaissance fashion. German medieval clothing is put in the spotlight, with inspiration coming from sources such as paintings to help us reimagine period clothing in a way that is flattering to the modern body.

Using Medieval German clothing as our inspiration means taking a more historical approach. Our “German Rose” collection focusses more on beautiful, basic patterns and simple forms, instead of “Renaissance Memories” complicated trims and embellishments. This leads to a German dress costume that is just as breathtaking but in a slightly different way.

The centerpiece for the collection, a renaissance kirtle, is one of the most popular items we have ever made! You can see women of all shapes and body types wearing these dresses at LARP, SCA events and Renaissance Faires all over the world, in a rainbow of colors. It is so popular due to its adjustable back lacing, gentle boning, and flattering high waist.

This German costume doesn’t just end with a dress, though - we have designed a whole range of accessories to go with it, including embossed belts, a necklace and more, featuring blackened brass and bright enamel.

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