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Renaissance Memories Linen Chemise

Underdress with square neckline


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“Renaissance Memories” Linen Chemise

Underdress with square neckline

I always loved the mornings on the hottest days. They would start out crisp and cold, often misty, and the temperature would climb during the day. She would always walk through the garden on those mornings, her underdress floating in the breeze, her hair uncovered and gleaming in the sun… As I grow older, those mornings truly have become a warm memory.

Our “Renaissance Memories” collection is a new series of items that combines historical beauty with ArmStreet’s unique design principles to create something beautiful and unique. All of the items from this collection are familiar yet still new and fresh, made to flatter the modern body and accentuate feminine beauty. It is easy to imagine a number of different characters wearing these items, from noblewomen to merchant’s daughters, politicians and even fashionable townsfolk.

A chemise is the medieval equivalent of underwear for a woman. Usually in the form a loose fitting dress, these undergarments were crafted from thin, soft textiles that would feel comfortable against your skin, even after a long day. These dresses would absorb sweat, oil, and protect the more expensive outer garments from unnecessary damage they would experience if the chemise was not worn. When it comes to creating a realistic costume, a chemise is also an excellent way to add an extra skirt and make everything else more voluminous and layered.

This chemise features a lot of soft curves and gentle shapes. The shoulder seam is closely fitted, puffing out slightly with the help of a number of delicate pleats, and gathering again at the bicep with a linen drawstring. From there the sleeve becomes less fitted, flaring out to an attractive bell shape that drapes from your arm. We’ve evoked the renaissance silhouette with the square neckline, which is complemented with even more pleats along the bust similar to those you’ll find on the shoulders. From here the dress billows out to create a dreamy silhouette, loosely draping across your body in what becomes a generously sized skirt. As you walk, this chemise will hug your upper body and dancing in the breeze below the waist.

We have crafted this chemise from our fine linen, which is the same linen we use for all of our other chemises and medieval underwear. The linen is light, tightly woven and soft, making it the perfect base layer for your medieval outfits. We have gone the extra mile and finished the seams on this garment in an elegant way, including cotton lace to finish the main inside seam.

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  • Fine flax linen;
  • Cotton lace (inside seam).


  • Fine linen especially for undergarments;
  • Protects your outerwear;
  • Square renaissance neckline;
  • Gathered pleats at the sleeves and neckline;
  • Bell-shaped lower sleeves;
  • Linen drawstring at the bicep;
  • Generously sized skirt;
  • Feminine silhouette.

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5 Feedbacks

  • Kathleen 17 of August 2021:

    My chemise just arrived and I have hand-washed it in a bit of baking soda to make it soft.. and it is GORGEOUS! I feel like a princess in it - the detail/gathering at the neckline is beautiful and the delicate laces at the upper arms are a lovely detail.. Both the body of the chemise and the sleeves flow out into perfect subtle bell shapes, and the effect is very elegant indeed... Very happy with this!

  • shealyn 23 of June 2020:

    OMG! love it!!!!! so pretty, i can were it just like that, or i can were with a belt, or with an overdress! absolutely stunning!

  • Samantha 12 of May 2020:

    I bought this chemise in the natural undyed linen color and it’s lovely! I’ve worn this under several overdresses and it’s held up very well so far! A few things I was surprised about, one being that the bottom of the dress has a LOT of fabric. It’s flowier than I thought from the photos but this is a pleasant surprise to me! I also was surprised at how far the neckline sat towards my shoulders. This was an error in measurement on my part, but just remember to double-check your own measurements to avoid surprises! I love this chemise and the poofy, flowy sleeves make me feel like a romantic maiden straight out of a fantasy novel! Highly recommend. :)

  • Nichole 21 of April 2020:

    This chemise is beautiful and fits me perfectly. It has a lovely drape to it, and the stitching around the neckline is very pretty. I was impressed to find finished seams inside the garment, like people would have done in the past. The sleeves are long enough to reach past my wrists, which is a feature that's hard to find at regular stores. This chemise is definitely made with tall folk in mind! Thank you Armstreet! I look forward to using this chemise as a base for future costuming endeavors!

  • Kira 11 of June 2019:

    My chemise in white linen arrived today. It is well constructed and fits perfectly. I bought it to wear under the kirtle. The gathered pleats are shown off as a nice detail with the square neckline of the kirtle dress. I am very happy with my purchase.

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