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“Renaissance Memories” Apron

Pleated apron made from fine linen


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“Renaissance Memories” Apron

Pleated apron made from fine linen

She was beautiful from every angle, and a ray of sunshine at every time of day. Even at my old age, when I close my eyes I can see her there, dancing through my memories. Even dressed as a farmgirl, she was my queen.

Our brand new “Renaissance Memories” line evokes a dreamy, feminine aesthetic with reference to both history and fantasy. We have taken beautiful medieval sources and applied our creative design expertise to create a collection of dresses and accessories that flatter the modern figure and inspire you. This apron can be worn by a number of different characters, but probably looks best on someone of a slightly lower class, given the fact that it covers up most of your dress and other elaborate garments you may be wearing. We imagine it to be worn by farm girls, midwives, and market women.

An apron is a garment worn on top of your outerwear to protect what you’re wearing underneath. They were often worn by the working class and would provide a layer of fabric to wipe your hands on, pick things up with and absorb any environmental threats that might otherwise make you wash your outer clothes more often than necessary.

This apron is a little bit shorter than your overdress, allowing for the bottom of your outerwear (and the pretty trim at the bottom!) to still show. This apron doesn’t just protect the front of your dress as a modern one might, but covers the back as well. From the skirt it scoops to be thinner, finishing at the center of your bust in a series of tiny pleats. About 1.5m of fabric is gathered into a TON of tiny folds, each just 2mm in width, to form a pattern of thin, folded stripes which in total are about 50cm across the bust. It is a lot of fabric to condense down to such a size, and looks amazing!

The apron itself is quite voluminous and does not construct the flow of your skirt – the hemline ends up being around 4m. The straps at the shoulders can be tried to adjust the length of the item, and it is a generally loose-fitting garment so it is comfortable for people of all shapes and sizes. We have created this garment from fine linen, the same that we use to make our underdresses. It is comfortable and flows beautifully, making it the ideal material. All seams have been well constructed and beautifully finished, and this garment is quite luxurious and well designed despite the humble inspiration behind it.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Fine linen.


  • Historically inspired;
  • Loose fitting and comfortable;
  • Shorter than your overdress;
  • Adjustable straps;
  • Many pleats across the bust;
  • Generous hem.

Size prompts:

  • size S/M — chest up to 38 1⁄2 in (98 cm), waist up to 33 in (84 cm);
  • size L/XL — chest from 38 1⁄2 in (98 cm), waist from 33 in (84 cm);
  • length of the apron itself — 47 1/4 in (120 cm) plus adjustable straps.

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3 Feedbacks

  • Michelle Nordlander 23 of September 2023:

    Really really well made!

  • Coinnle 10 of January 2022:

    beautifully sewn, & more lovely in person. it's perfect!

  • Greer Puder 29 of April 2019:

    Loveley and well made. Good quality linen. Thank you!

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