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“Renaissance Memories” Locket

Enamel necklace with a faux-pearl string


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“Renaissance Memories” Locket

Brass and enamel necklace with a faux-pearl string

Hold onto the memories, and keep the things that matter close to your heart. One day, when you are old, they are all you will have left.

The Renaissance Memories collection is feminine and gorgeous, full of interesting items that will make your costume show-stopping. Made from quality materials, lush fabrics and beautiful designs, each and every item ends up being a feature piece on its own! The jewelry in this collection is no exception. We have designed it to look beautiful in both medieval and modern settings, and know that it will go very well with a number of different outfits.

This stunning locket is constructed from brass and finished with a pop of colorful enamel to give it an extra luxurious look. The front of the locket is solid, whilst the back of it can rotate out to reveal the hollow inside, where you can hide anything that will fit. Historically, it is the kind of place that someone would keep a photo of their lover, a lock of hair, or small items of contraband. The space inside is very narrow, so it will be difficult to fit anything more than this. The design on the front of the locket is floral, though it is not too figurative and has a little bit of an abstract effect.

The locket hangs from a beautiful string of fake pearls, which are large enough to make a statement without being entirely gaudy. It gives the necklace a rather noble look and makes this item appear to be either a family heirloom or the possession of a character that is quite wealthy. The string that holds the pearls is knotted after each bead for some extra security, so in the case that the necklace breaks it is less likely that the pearls will be lost everywhere.

Enamel border color variations

If you have any questions or would like to ask about other color options, please contact us.


  • 1.5mm brass;
  • 3mm brass; 
  • Enamel;
  • Artificial pearls;
  • Thread.


  • Inner diameter – 4cm;
  • Outer diameter – 4.5cm.


  • Secret compartment inside;
  • Beautiful ArmStreet exclusive design;
  • Bright enameled accents;
  • Strong brass construction;
  • Knotted string for extra security;
  • Beautiful faux-pearls.

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1 feedback

  • leanne 25 of August 2021:

    Such beautiful piece and its of a Scottish thistle

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