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“Renaissance Memories” Chemise

Embroidered chemise with bell sleeves


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“Renaissance Memories” Linen Chemise

Fine chemise with bell sleeves and hand embroidery

Some mornings, before the men were awake, I could see her strolling through the courtyard in her underdress, drinking in the morning light. Sometimes she was silent, and sometimes she would speak to her handmaiden - her voice was like a dream, and her laugh was a sweet, sweet memory. That’s all we have as we grow older: sweet dreams and memories. Which was she?

Our “Renaissance Memories” collection is delicate, feminine and beautiful. It includes clothing and accessories that are best suited to an innocent noblewoman but can easily be adapted to suit merchants, princesses, politicians, and anyone else who has a penchant for being a bit fancy.

A chemise is a dress that is traditionally worn underneath your overclothes. It serves a few different purposes, but most of all it creates a protective barrier between your outer clothes and your body, absorbing sweat and preserving more expensive fabrics from unnecessary wear and tear. It is also an easy way to add another layer to your costume, creating volume under your skirts and giving you a more realistic outfit.

This chemise features bell-shaped sleeves that gather at the bicep with the help of a linen drawstring. Tiny pleats at the top of the shoulder create a feminine puff, which adds to the dreamy silhouette of this piece. A square neckline gives this chemise that signature “renaissance” look, which is completed with dainty pleats across the bust. From the chest it drapes loosely across your body, completely covering you and finishing at your feet. It includes additional gores at the side of your body to increase the overall volume of the skirt, creating a hem that is around 3m in diameter, which is generous for a chemise!

This chemise is made from soft, fine linen. It is a finer weave than the linen we usually use to make clothes, meaning it’s a little bit more transparent and absolutely perfect for underclothes. All seams and edges on this garment are beautifully finished.

The fine touch on this chemise is a line of delicate hand embroidery along the bottom of the square neckline. It is just a simple pattern depicting foliage, but it adds a pop of color and touch of luxury, especially when worn with an overdress that allows it to be seen. We have a few different colors of cotton that we can use to embroider this, so consider your choice carefully and pick something that will go well with your outfits.

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  • Fine flax linen;
  • Cotton thread;
  • Cotton lace (inside seam).


  • Soft linen especially for undergarments;
  • Square neckline;
  • Hand embroidery;
  • Gathered sleeves at the bicep;
  • Feminine silhouette;
  • Bell-shaped lower sleeves;
  • Delicate pleats around the neckline;
  • Generous skirt.

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  • brian todd 21 of September 2019:

    prettyest young ladies ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Malcolm 13 of March 2019:

    WooooooooooW. Speechless.

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2 Feedbacks

  • Charlie 11 of August 2021:

    Bought this for my wife. It is beautifully made and fitted perfectly. Looks authentic and is beautiful. A very happy customer! I also found Armstreet's customer service to be oldskool second to none too.

  • Julia 23 of October 2020:

    Love the embroidery on the neckline and it fits perfectly under another dress I ordered!

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