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“German Rose” Square Shoes

Cow Mouth style women’s leather shoes

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“German Rose” Square Shoes with Bordering

Cow Mouth style women’s leather shoes

Our “German Rose” collection is about things that often go overlooked, such as the simple beauty of form and high-quality materials. Instead of embossing and fancy embellishments, we turned to historical sources to provide us with the right kind of inspiration to make all of the items beautiful without being flashy. That allows us to put focus on the finer details and truly show off our amazing ArmStreet craftsmanship.

These shoes may have a medieval look, but they come very close to having modern comfort. Our master shoemaker has worked hard to make something that looks true to medieval footwear but also isn’t just completely flat on the bottom. This is the main difference between modern and medieval shoes: the medieval equivalent was usually completely flat, devoid of any heel.

These shoes are incredibly 16th century and are quite faithful to their source material. “Cow Mouth” refers to a popular style with a broad, square tip, which was worn by all classes of people, and both men and women. This style has a strap in the middle to keep it attached to your foot, which we have closed with a little cast brass buckle.

The majority of this shoe is made from leather. The key factor that makes these particular shoes beautiful and different is the border, a contrasting pipe of suede which really makes the whole shoe pop. All aspects of this shoe are masterfully sewn and finished, and this fine work is really evident when you look at the contrasting border.

Treat these shoes with respect and they will accompany you on many campaigns! We always recommend letting your shoes dry completely before wearing them again, brushing them free of any dirt or debris (especially in the seams), and conditioning them when they look dry (though avoid getting leather conditioner on the suede).

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  • Leather;
  • Suede;
  • Brass buckle.


  • True to size square toe;
  • Historically inspired;
  • Modern shoe comfort;
  • Fine finishing.

This item is part of the “Renaissance Memories” collection

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1 feedback

  • leanne 09 of July 2020:

    Love the shoes

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hello, the matte light brown leather is shown on the pictures of the listing. 

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