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Medieval Striped Socks

Horizontally striped cotton socks

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Medieval Striped Socks

Horizontally striped cotton socks

Who doesn’t love socks? They are one of the most useful undergarments. Originally created to keep feet warm and dry, they were also well loved in medieval times for preventing your shoes from chafing against your feet. People have used socks in many other ways as well, including as a coin pouch!

These socks are knee-high and will keep your legs nice and warm. They are quite thick and are knitted with a nice texture that will go well with your medieval clothing. They are striped horizontally with alternating colors and are made from 95% cotton and 5% elastane, which keeps them cozy and comfortable while still having a bit of stretch.

Socks have taken many forms over the years, from sewn wool hose through to the modern knitted socks of today. There are a variety of time periods that have used socks of some form, from the Vikings to the famous Landsknecht soldiers, who wore hosen.

These socks will make a great companion to any costume and will be especially suitable under dresses or displayed gloriously with your LARP costume. They are unisex and stretchy, so they are suitable for a number of different leg sizes.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • 95% cotton, 5% elastane.


  • Comfortable;
  • Knee-high;
  • Horizontally striped;
  • Suitable to many time periods.

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1 Comment

  • John 04 of December 2019:

    What's the blue dress in the first photo?

    ArmStreet Team:

    It is our new dress that is not released yet, unfortunately. 

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10 Feedbacks

  • Elena Julia 06 of August 2023:

    Fits me perfectly and they are going to look so good with all my other blue accessories.

  • Kristina 24 of October 2022:

    Unfortunately these are only ok. The socks are straight tubes instead of foot-shaped, so they fit weird around the heel and ankle

  • Guest 24 of October 2021:

    Beautiful socks that nice and snug. Love the quality and they help pop any of the outfits to life.

  • Leanne 04 of October 2021:

    Absolutely love these again on my 3rd pair of blue ones every color Thankyou

  • Serena 06 of September 2021:

    Love these socks! I bought the green and yellow pair, which are colors in my heraldic device.The quality is awesome!

  • Joy 05 of March 2020:

    I have these in blue and white. They are so cute and comfortable and awesome quality!

  • leanne 17 of January 2020:

    Thankyou for every color of these beautiful socks the last pair brown ones gorgeous they all match everything I have from my aprons tunics dresses I love my green/yellow blue/white red/black hope the team makes more colors.. absolutely warm and cool as and comfy best socks ever owned

  • Jacques 15 of October 2019:

    Thank you for the prompt delivery! I like the quality of the materials and the finish! .

  • Dawn 05 of September 2019:

    I have two pairs of these now, in red/black and green/yellow. They are very well made, as is everything from Armstreet, and I sincerely hope they come out with even more colors. These are fun!

  • leanne 29 of July 2019:

    I like to say these socks are amazing beautiful made i never wear socks but these are so warm and should be worn as shown my photos says it all Thankyou to armstreet again for such beautiful piece definitely need another

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