2020 in review

January 20, 2021

The year 2020 was challenging for everyone, no doubt. But that's what we do while challenged - we seek for opportunities. Instead of manufacturing loads of costumes and armour pieces for events, we've used the downtime to design and create an incredible amount of new items featuring new materials, new technologies and absolutely new level of attention to details.

"Hussar" Armour

At the turn of the year another monumental set of armour was released – inspired by Polish Hussar phenomena, this harness is extremely eye-catching while being completely functional and well thought through. Accompanied by zhupan, accessories and a choice of helmets to fit your armour-involving activities.

Polish Hussar Stainless Steel with Brass Accents Full Armor Set Polish Hussar Stainless Steel with Brass Accents Full Armor Set

Polish Hussar Stainless Steel with Brass Accents Full Armor Set

Polish Hussar helmet of stainless steel and brass Polish Hussar helmet of stainless steel and brass Polish Hussar SCA Helmet
Polish Hussar articulated stainless steel cuirass with brass accents Polish Hussar stainless steel and brass pauldrons Polish Hussar gorget with brass accents Polish Hussar Bazubands Bracers Polish Hussar Articulated Leg Armor Stainless Steel Cuisses
Woolen 17th Century Coat Zupan “Hussar” Curved Polish Saber and Sheath “Hussar” Brass Etched Cloak Clasp "Hussar" Fibula Brass leopard ring with enamel "Hussar"

Another update for the "Autumn Princess" series

Following up upon the 2019 renovation of photos for our bestselling "Autumn Princess" dress, more items arrive to accompany: chaperons, a cape of Byzantine style, fibulas, earrings, belts made of laser-cut brass with enamel filling in matching colour schemas.

Byzantine style woolen cloak “Autumn Princes” Byzantine style woolen cloak “Autumn Princes” "Autumn Princess" Woolen Chaperon "Autumn Princess" Woolen Chaperon "Autumn Princess" Woolen Chaperon with Embroidered Leaves
Enamel and brass women’s belt “Autumn Princess” Brass and enamel cloak clasp “Autumn Princess” fibula Brass and enamel cloak clasp “Autumn Princess” fibula Brass and enamel cloak clasp “Autumn Princess” fibula Long Brass Earrings "Autumn Princess" Long Brass Earrings "Autumn Princess" Long Brass Earrings "Autumn Princess"

Medieval clothes for kids "First Adventure"

It is not an overstatement to say that the medieval kids' clothing by ArmStreet was the highly anticipated novelty among our customers. Now we can proudly say that we've taken care of your family look for medieval-themed activities and your youngsters now can have the clothing of the same high standard of comfort and pleasant appearance as you do.


2020-in-review-128.jpg 2020-in-review-38.jpg 2020-in-review-38.jpg 2020-in-review-45.jpg


2020-in-review-40.jpg 2020-in-review-38.jpg 2020-in-review-38.jpg
2020-in-review-92.jpg 2020-in-review-38.jpg
2020-in-review-38.jpg 2020-in-review-45.jpg 2020-in-review-128.jpg 2020-in-review-31.jpg 2020-in-review-45.jpg

Elements Cape

The most controversial item we've produced is inspired by the pandemic and the spirit of post-apocalyptic reality. Made of modern technological materials, it's a perfect coverall for a sand storm, poisonous environment or just a chilly rain. And a durable shopping bag with a themed logo of your favourite company.


2020-in-review-70.jpg 2020-in-review-72.jpg 2020-in-review-71.jpg

Soft Armor partnership

Our first partnership project – in collaboration with Soft Warrior we are happy to offer you unique equipment for training and HMB, SCA, ACL activities. Historical Medieval Battles are fun and training in Soft Armor equipment is way less exhausting than in metal armour and yet it provides quite a similar combat experience.


2020-in-review-6.jpg 2020-in-review-35.jpg 2020-in-review-13.jpg 2020-in-review-134.jpg

Water Flowers

The most beautiful photo shooting was destined for this impressive set of clothing and accessories united by water flowers theme. Embroidered, enamelled, laser-cut waterlilies, green lives and tender flowers are accompanied by the matching ornaments on the unique trims designed by ArmStreet for our clothing only. Featherlight silk, flowing silhouettes, twisting lines, different types of sleeves create elvish and aethereal effect.

2020-in-review-128.jpg 2020-in-review-92.jpg 2020-in-review-38.jpg 2020-in-review-45.jpg


2020-in-review-97.jpg 2020-in-review-24.jpg 2020-in-review-129.jpg 2020-in-review-11.jpg 2020-in-review-43.jpg
2020-in-review-52.jpg 2020-in-review-50.jpg 2020-in-review-54.jpg
2020-in-review-10.jpg 2020-in-review-9.jpg 2020-in-review-12.jpg 2020-in-review-46.jpg 2020-in-review-49.jpg 2020-in-review-47.jpg

Halloween 2020

It's the first time we had to put a warning sign on our content as the pictures are so speaking and impactful there is no chance anyone will question your Halloween costume by ArmStreet. We've used our regular items, such as Monk's Robe or “Renaissance Memories” apron and sprinkled them with bright makeup and the corresponding location. The resulting images speak by themselves.


2020-in-review-63.jpg 2020-in-review-66.jpg 2020-in-review-64.jpg

Stories of the Castle: the Townswoman and the Key Keeper

Those two lines of clothing take their inspiration in our "Forget Me Not" collection but burst its banks for sure. Bright colour combinations, our own trim and almost unnoticeable but very telling visual details here and there. As a part of Key Keeper series you can see the preview of our upcoming Keys and Symbols project – we've developed our own font for the Latin alphabet and give you the choice of letters for any item featuring them. One step further into custom and unique look you can create for yourself!


2020-in-review-91.jpg 2020-in-review-34.jpg 2020-in-review-33.jpg 2020-in-review-36.jpg 2020-in-review-133.jpg
2020-in-review-89.jpg 2020-in-review-88.jpg 2020-in-review-93.jpg
2020-in-review-74.jpg 2020-in-review-77.jpg
2020-in-review-81.jpg 2020-in-review-78.jpg 2020-in-review-75.jpg
2020-in-review-7.jpg 2020-in-review-15.jpg 2020-in-review-16.jpg 2020-in-review-20.jpg
2020-in-review-125.jpg 2020-in-review-73.jpg
2020-in-review-96.jpg 2020-in-review-95.jpg 2020-in-review-126.jpg

Female spring steel armour "Morning Star"

Another star in our spring steel constellation for lady warriors: now with historical breastplate and golden coloured accents. You are free to combine details from every Star armour to create your own perfect set of protective gear. And now you have three colour options to choose from for the finishing aspect: blackened, brassed or just plain spring steel.

2020-in-review-120.jpg 2020-in-review-121.jpg
2020-in-review-57.jpg 2020-in-review-56.jpg 2020-in-review-55.jpg


2020-in-review-124.jpg 2020-in-review-19.jpg 2020-in-review-118.jpg 2020-in-review-119.jpg 2020-in-review-117.jpg
2020-in-review-22.jpg 2020-in-review-122.jpg 2020-in-review-23.jpg 2020-in-review-123.jpg
2020-in-review-131.jpg 2020-in-review-130.jpg


Looking forward to what the year 2021 brings to us all and hope to meet you soon at events, everyone healthy and enthusiastic!