Polish Hussar Pauldrons

Stainless steel and brass shoulder armor


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Polish Hussar Pauldrons

Stainless steel and brass shoulder armor

There is so much to love about Eastern-Style armor. We are very aware of the popularity of the Western-Style knight in shining armor, but we are determined to bring more attention to some of the amazing Eastern styles that existed! As an Eastern-European country, love delving into the cultural heritage of our own people as well as the interesting history of our neighboring countries. The Polish Hussars have been our most recent obsession - their brutal fighting style and revered combat abilities make them a fascinating group of people to research. It also helps that they were known to wear huge, terrifying wooden frames that resembled wings, decorated with real feathers, in order to intimidate foes. You can’t really argue with a person wearing huge wings!

Our first priority with this collection was making something functional. We love making beautiful things, but there is something extra special about something that looks like a work of art but functions perfectly. Once we refined our construction, we moved to aesthetics to work on a look that radiates luxury and respect.

These pauldrons consist of a main solid piece that drapes over the shoulder, protecting both your shoulder blade at the back and your armpit at the front. It provides far greater coverage than other, earlier types of shoulder armor without the need for a besegew. From the main piece, four lames extend downwards, covering your bicep almost to the elbow. At the bottom, the final lame curves up to ensure you retain movement in your joints. There is a buckle at the top of the pauldrons to attach them to your gorget or arming doublet, which will make sure they don’t fall down your arm. Flawless articulation of all of the lames is achieved through traditional methods - leather strapping at the back. There are strong leather straps and medieval cast brass buckles on the biceps that will allow you to secure them around your arm.

The decorative aspect of these pauldrons is stunning! We have etched and blackened strips of brass, which have then been riveted to the edge of the pauldrons with tiny brass rivets. These borders adorn pretty much every edge of the pauldron and really contrast with the shiny steel. We have used 1.5mm stainless steel for all of the main construction, which is nice and bright next to the blackened brass. The added bonus is that stainless steel is rust-resistant, meaning that these are very easy to take care of compared to other types of steel armor.

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  • 1.5mm stainless steel;
  • 1mm blackened brass;
Brass rivets;
  • Leather;
  • Cast brass buckles.


  • Eastern-European style;
  • Rust-resistant stainless steel;
  • Adorned with brass borders;
  • Very flexible;
  • Buckle at the top for arming.

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