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Polish Hussar Saber and Sheath

Curved Decorative Sword with Scabbard


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“Hussar” Polish Saber and Sheath

Curved Decorative Sword with Scabbard

The Hussars were terrifying foes, known for their fierce fighting and very stylish aesthetic. There’s something enticing about a group of people who would thunder into battle on the back of horses, wearing huge wooden frames full of feathers that would appear to their opponents as wings. We adore researching Eastern European history, and The Hussars truly captured our imagination due to the way that they combined this sense of style with brutal battle techniques and elegant yet functional armor and swords.

The most popular weapon used by the Hussar was the saber, an elegantly curved sword that was the perfect companion for a cavalry unit. These swords were so effective due to the curve of the blade, which gave it the perfect balance for a chopping motion, which was the ideal strike to rain down on an opponent from horseback. This particular saber is very Polish due to the thumb ring. When your thumb is looped through this ring it actually drastically changes how the whole sword sits in your hand. It makes it much easier to do quick, deadly chopping motions and give you much more control over where the blade goes.

This blade, of course, will probably be going on your wall. While the Hussars would have oiled and sharpened their blades after every fight, our Saber is purely decorative and has a blunted edge. We have created the blade to be hollow, which means that you won’t be able to sharpen it or turn this into a functional sword, as it is meant to be a display piece or prop. Please still be careful, though - it is made from solid materials, and will inflict damage or injury on anything that you hit!

We chose stainless steel for this saber because it is a strong, lustrous material that remains very shiny and resists rust very well. On the fuller of the blade, we have added some etching to contrast with the shiny steel elsewhere and add to the opulent look of the blade. High-quality leather is used for the grip, which feels fantastic in the hand.

The sheath for this sword is the perfect companion., simply because it was made for this sword! A stainless steel core has been created to fit the saber perfectly, meaning you can pull the sword in and out with a very satisfying noise. The outer is made from high-quality natural leather and has been adorned with 1mm brass accents which have been designed by our artist to replicate polish engravings from the same time period.

  • Sheath:
    • 1.5mm stainless steel (core);
    • Leather outer;
    • 1mm brass accents.
  • Sheath:
    • Perfectly made to fit the saber;
    • Brass accents;
    • Stainless steel core;
    • Quality leather outer;
    • Hand finishing

    Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


    • Sword:
      • Stainless Steel;
      • Leather.


      • Sword:
        • Thumb ring;
        • Etched fuller;
        • Leather wrapped grip;
        • Curved blade;
        • Decorative - not functional

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    1 Comment

    • CHOUKIN 21 of February 2020:

      Can this blade be made of aluminum alloy?

      ArmStreet Team:

      Unfortunately, it is not possible. 

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    4 Feedbacks

    • JWBPHX 24 of December 2022:

      Love it, well built and I am ready to use it at the Renn Faire next year. I am having trouble finding a belt and metal attachments to hang it from.

      ArmStreet Team:

      Thank you for your feedback. You are welcome to check all the belts that we make here

    • Vincent 24 of January 2022:

      Great sword.

    • John 14 of May 2021:

      Hefty and amazing to hold, I cant wait to get back to renn faires and have this at my hip.

    • Jérôme 25 of April 2021:

      First purchase on this site, I'm not disappointed. The sword is magnificent, rather well balanced for a non-functional weapon. The scabbard is up to the task. The finish is very meticulous. Delivery less than 4 weeks after ordering, 2 days before the birthday of the friend for whom I intended this sword, I couldn't have hoped for better. Neither could he :)

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