Novelties of Year 2017

January 22, 2018

It is the time of the year one can proudly look back at the gone calendar segment and summarise accomplishments and achievements. Not only we want to make boast of our new items list (though one cannot deny it's the part of a plan) but also remind our long-standing friends about year old arrivals and make it easier for the new followers and admires to catch on train with the evolution of beauty we create.

The year 2017 started with an absolutely splendid set of items inspired by Belle Époque: gorgeous coat with hand-embroidered flowers and Edwardian high-waist skirt, accompanied by veil hat and hand muff. The “Fleur-de-Lis” items are incredibly tender and statuesque at the same time.

Belle Époque Coat “Fleur-de-Lis”

Edwardian Skirt “Fleur-de-Lis” Belle Époque Coat “Fleur-de-Lis” Veil Hat “Fleur-de-Lis”

In 2016 we released first of three transitional armour kits dedicated to the Hundred Years' War – the “Hound Of War” harness. During the begining of 2017 we equipped fully this honorable warrior with the vast range of decorative weapons:

Halberdiers Armor Kit “Hound Of War”

Medieval Falchion “Hound Of War” Medieval Dagger “Hound Of War” Halberd “Hound Of War”

and bucklers:

Leather Covered Buckler Shield “Hound Of War” Stainless Steel Buckler “Hound Of War”

An essential update of the under-armour padding line by ArmStreet – inner gloves and mittens to use with your favourite gauntlets, demi-gauntlets and metal gloves. Extra shock absorbtion, supreme comfort, high quality and trustworthy materials. Not to forget about incredible appearance and variety of colour options, of course.

Padded inner gloves and mittens

Remember our Viking series? They didn't receive much attention and updates in 2017 but (SPOILER!) the huge amount of new items will be presented early 2018 by our northern heroes Ragnvaldur, Olegg and Knut. Here are a couple of Yule edition viking items to fill in time before you can buy those daredevils some beer and listen to their incredible stories.

Viking Winter Boots | Yule edition Viking Winter Hat | Yule edition

The adorable and posh accessory of a completely new kind – pocket mirror in the elaborately decorated velvet pouch bag. An outstanding present for your important person (which is totally applicable if you want to treat yourself) has several colour options for velvet and two etching patterns available, including an absolutely stunning Unicorn option!

Medieval Mirror In Pouch “Unicorn”

Second armour kit from our Hundred Years' War series has a note of luxury spread through all the veg tanned leather parts as they are richly decorated with embossed patterns. "Bird of Prey" armour is lightweight, flexible and looks gorgeous! Bright red leather of the brigandine covers its outstandingly well thought through design of plates. A completely functional masterpiece by our armour manufactury has the variety of options to choose from and our new site makes it much easier to pick materials and have an immediate understanding of how they work together.

Armour Kit “Bird of Prey”

Pauldrons “Bird of Prey” Leather Brigandine “Bird of Prey”

Last year we presented our vision of how to improve the situation with bar-grill visors dominance at the SCA events. This year we remain actively seized of the matter: unified hinge at different types of helmets and the opportunity to buy a laser-cut visor with unique and beautiful motifs separately provides you with an almost infinite number of choices! Remarkable appearance, unbeatable visibility and breathability, reliable 5 mm stainless steel – impressive combo, huh?

Vaulted Visor SCA Bar Grille Trefoil SCA Visor Foliate Medieval Helmet Visor

Young ladies' attires from the "Secret Garden" collection is our response to the mass events demand. You are throwing a medieval party and want your guests' costumes to match seamlessly while allowing everyone to be an individual? You are a group of performers or a choir? You are a braid looking for an option for your bridesmaids? We have something you would like! Actually, we've always had: it's just the visualization we've improved to provide you with photos of the same item in several different colours.

Secret Garden collection

Coloured Woolen Cloak “Labyrinth” Bridesmaid Dress “Secret Garden” Cloak Pin “Secret Garden”

“Black Knight” is a series of redesigned gothic armour. It was one of the first lines of armour by ArmStreet and now it's up to date with technologies we acquired and level of craftsmanship we've developed.

Black Knight armour

And now is party time. Pyjama party time to be more precise: a long-expected set of underwear by ArmStreet! Made of natural and nice to the feel thin flax linen, the basic layer of your medieval wardrobe is mostly available from stock in fixed sizes. And the most comfortable and period looking pair of sleepers for your camp routine.

Medieval underwear by ArmStreet

Medieval Coif Cap Medieval shoes "Bivouac" Medieval Undertunic XIII century

The last triumphant chord of the Hundred Years' War series, The Kingmaker armour. Laser-cut decorations, twisted brass borderings, cast buckles and rivets, veg tanned leather – this top-notch harness is the gem of the collection. Every item of this set, starting from the gauntlets and to the brigandine is a masterpiece of the synergy of engineer approach and visual aesthetics. The set can be complemented with accessories, decorative weapon, buckler and the top of the gambesons evolution.

The Kingmaker Collection

Finger Gauntlets "The Kingmaker" “The Kingmaker” Leg Harness Bag "The Kingmaker"

Two-piece gambesons are our know-how: the bottom piece consists of a short crop-top type garment, which laces up close to the body. The padded sleeves are deep set and are securely overlapped by the upper part – sleeveless quilted vest. The whole construction features excellent flexibility while guaranteeing the highest level of protection only the well fit underarmour can provide.

Linen gambeson "The Kingmaker" Canvas gambeson "The Kingmaker"

Two sets of accessories (of Romanesque and of Celtic styles) features signature etching and leather embossing.

Romanesque style medieval belt Romanesque leather bag Leather Celtic Belt Celtic style bag

This year Halloween dedicated arrivals feature spiders, bats, red and black colours and first implication of enamel technology we've finally mastered!

Moonless Night Collection

“Night bat” brass crown Spindly Spider Web Ring Bag with Spiderweb

It is never too many princesses :) Here is the third reincarnation of our lost and then found princess, now in green and burgundy. Incredible colour combination!

“Princess in Exile” Costume Princess Velvet Cape

And the last but not the least – Errant Squire set. Updated and more modest version of our Paladin series, without any etching this time but still with the same high quality and attention to details and functionality!

Set of Armour “Errant Squire”

As our new site has been updated with the comments functionality, we would be extremely happy to hear from you – have you had opportunity to get something from our 2017 season already? What's your favorite newcomer among the items mentioned here? Are you looking forward to seeing something specific in 2018? Let us know!