Romanesque leather bag

Embossed leather bag with brass accents


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Romanesque leather bag

Leather bag with brass accent and embossing, circa X-XII c.

The term "Romanesque art" was invented in the 19th century as an umbrella term to describe the Post-Roman visual arts tradition between the X century and the Gothic art rise circa XII-XIII. It was the first global style of Medieval Europe that spread up across all European Catholic countries. Romanesque art can be described as a fusion of Roman, Carolingian, and Byzantine traditions and it has unique signs of both Roman art and the following Gothic style.

Making this bag, we experimented with two connected technologies. The bag's main feature is made of two layers of etched brass that overlap to create a dynamic accent. We also adorned it with an embossed pattern that emphasises and works well alongside the brass element. The central design unites oblong, visually heavy shapes with the sharp cross-shaped pattern typical for the Romanesque style. The bag looks incredible and will be a natural conversation starter at any event as well as it is an icing on the cake of your period clothing kit.

Its size is perfect for most situations – it's large enough to contain all your small belongings you want to have on you at events. Thanks to the fact that Romanesque style was so widely spread you may use this bag as a part of your character's wardrobe for the range of periods and locations. Please contact us if you have any additional questions.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Height: 22 cm (8 5/8'')
  • Width: 19.5 cm (7 5/8'')
  • Thickness: 7.5 cm (3'')


  • Genuine leather;
  • Etched brass;
  • Brass rivets;
  • Artificial tendons.


  • Original romanesque style design;
  • Artificial tendon sewing;
  • Embossed leather;
  • Multilayered etched brass accents.

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