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Cloak Pin “Secret Garden”

Cloak Pin “Secret Garden”
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Cloak Pin “Secret Garden”

Brass chain pin with flower etching

 Designed to be worn with the “Secret Garden” cloak, this pin still can stand on its own as a keepsake of visiting the place favored by nature. A brilliant decorative bit of brass that can be both used as lapel, coat or shawl pin, and worn as a brooch. It features a detachable ornate scrolled pin and two swinging chains below. Two unequal roundels are embellished with etched flower detailing in Thistle style.

Cloak pin usually fits on the front portion of a cloak near the neck of the wearer. Its large needle pierces the flaps of the cloak through and fixes to hold them closed. There are usually no special buttonholes for pins in capes, so you can invent your own way on how to fasten and wear them.

Shower your beloved lady with flowers of all heavens, cos she can never have too many! Try a sustained version of flowers etched in metal instead of ordinary ones, which languish in drought. Looks subtle and gets a bunch of compliments whatever you wear it with.


  • Brass.


  • Length - 4 in (10 cm);
  • Bigger roundel diameter - 2 in (5 cm);
  • Smaller roundel diameter - 1 in (2.5 cm).

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


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