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"Morning Star" Women’s Lendenier

Embossed leather arming belt


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“Morning Star” Women’s arming belt

Embossed leather lendenier

Everyone loves the idea of wearing plate leg armor: it looks stunning, makes you feel powerful, and most importantly provides you with much-needed protection from swords, axes, and other weapons! A common roadblock that people run into, though, is how to suspend it and attach it to themselves. This is our solution to that problem: an arming belt.

It is difficult to find historical sources regarding leg armor and how it was attached. What we can look to is solutions used for hose and other garments, because in theory, it’s possible to think that they would have used something similar. We’ve based our arming belt on a lendenier, especially in that it is tighter at the waist and fitted across the hips. A lendenier would traditionally be made from padded gambeson fabric, but we decided to make our belt from sturdy leather.

The belt is in two pieces, lacing up at the front and back. This makes it nice and adjustable, so you’re able to get a tight but comfortable fit. The shape of it at the bottom dips down where the lacing holes for your leg harness are, before curving back up around your hips to your back. It includes two reinforced panels at the front which add to the flattering look as well as being functional.

This belt is made from high-quality leather and has been deeply embossed with the pattern found on the collection’s matching belts. It appears to be foliage with a slightly baroque look, which has also been echoed in the slightly aged finish on the leather. Using leather as the material means that we are able to make a very strong belt, but it also has a bit of a cool fantasy aesthetic which looks nice even without a leg harness attached, or even as a part of a modern outfit!

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  • Leather;
  • Waxed cord.


  • Fitted for the female body;
  • Historically inspired;
  • Adjustable lacing;
  • Leather construction;
  • Ornate embossing.

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