Dark Star Female Wool Gambeson

Two-piece gambeson with buckles

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Dark Star Wool Gambeson

Two-piece female gambeson with buckles

Don’t let looks deceive you – the Dark Star knows how dangerous she can be, and exactly how strong her gravitational pull is. Go on, get close and let her draw you in… but never forget that you have everything to learn from her and that she has no use for you at all.

"Dark Star" is a new collection of functioning fighting armor designed especially to suit the female figure. When designing a gambeson to go under the armor, we knew that we had to make something that was just as beautiful. We have been working on this project for many months, trying to perfect a tailored pattern that hugs the female body without the added bulk around the waist which most unisex gambesons seem to have. We have made it similar to our bestselling Kingmaker two-piece design, and have succeeded in combining beauty with comfort.

This gambeson is inspired by the XIV-XV century and comes down to just below your hips. It is fitted and form-hugging, has a collar to protect your neck and has two separate pieces: the arms (attached to a crop-top) and a vest. The sleeves are padded from the shoulder down to your wrist, devoid of any buckles or eyelets to rub underneath your bracers on your forearm. The crop-top aspect of this piece is not padded on the chest and instead is just two layers of fabric with lacing up the middle, complete with darts under the bust to ensure a great fit. The vest is fully padded and has 4cm of overlap in the middle for the best protection possible. We have included gores to make sure it fits well around the bust, and from the waist we have patterned it to be a flared shape, meaning you get good coverage of your hips without movement restriction.

While you can wear these two pieces separately, this gambeson really shines when you wear them together. You get double padding on your shoulders (to prevent straps from armor rubbing as much), and complete ease of movement in your arms due to the separate construction. This was inspired by HEMA, and request from customers for us to make a gambeson that protects them without restricting how they swing their sword.

This gambeson has been designed by people who love to sword fight and has been thoughtfully constructed and made with care, so every single aspect has been well finished and thought through. The outer is beautiful robust wool, which has an excellent smooth texture to it and beautiful color. The lining is made from cotton, giving a bit of a contrasting color as well as contrasting edges that make this piece very fashionable. All of the quilting has been designed to emphasize your waist, and all seams have been felled to ensure the most comfort for you. The lacing in the middle is reinforced with leather and is sure to hold up well under your armor and stand the test of time. This gambeson is ready for the battlefield, with arming points included at the shoulders.

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  • Wool outer;
  • Cotton lining;
  • Natural batting;
  • Leather;
  • Thonging.


  • Exclusive ArmStreet design;
  • Two pieces;
  • Lacing closure;
  • Fits the female body;
  • Flexible wool;
  • Contrasting colors;
  • Arming points at the shoulders.

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