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“Morning Star” Linen Shirt

Women’s shirt with embroidery


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“Morning Star” Linen Shirt

Women’s shirt with embroidery

This beautiful shirt is an updated, embellished version of our bestselling “Dark Star” shirt. Based on a number of historical examples from the XV and XVI century, we’ve combined historical and fantasy inspiration to produce a versatile, flattering shirt that you’ll love to wear. Though women wouldn’t have worn clothes this masculine during medieval times, we’re no longer existing in those times, so we say why not!

There are many uses for a shirt like this. You might use it to dress as a character who decides to present in a more masculine fashion, or as a sleeping shirt on hot nights when you don’t want to wear a full dress. Similarly, it actually makes for a great base-layer when it’s too warm to wear a full-length chemise, so you can still have the benefit of a sweat-wicking item under your outer clothes without all of the dress bulk around your legs.

This shirt is very technically advanced to make, and at first, our seamstresses were intimidated by the sheer amount of pleats in the neckline and cuffs! It quickly became one of their favorite items to make, though, because it’s so satisfying and beautiful to admire all of the tiny, perfect pleats. The pleats are secured with two pieces of tiny bias binding made from matching linen and embellished by hand-embroidery around the neckline and cuffs as well.

We chose to make this shirt out of linen because we truly believe it’s the best base-layer choice of fabric. It’s a finer weave than our outer clothes, so it becomes nice and soft next to your skin once you’ve started wearing it. Because of the nature of linen, it becomes quite nicely wrinkled and draped, too, giving it a wonderfully natural look.

The embroidery around the neckline and cuffs is completed by our experts in hand-embroidery, who spend most of their time here at ArmStreet with a needle and thread adding fine details to our most luxurious items. The embroidery floss is a metallic mouline embroidery floss, which is difficult to work with but worth it for the amazing result.

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  • 100% flax linen;
  • Metallic mouline embroidery floss.


  • Male fashion in a feminine way;
  • Hip length;
  • Decorative pleats;
  • Breezy flax linen;
  • ArmStreet design;
  • Metallic hand embroidery.

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