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“Water Flowers” Enamelled Mirror

Functional brass pocket mirror


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“Water Flowers” Enamelled Mirror

Functional brass pocket mirror

This gorgeous mirror is a part of our new “Water Flowers” collection, a selection of new dresses and accessories inspired by Art Nouveau patterns, water lilies, and the elven aesthetic. Natural materials are combined with ornate trim detailing water flowers, which you can also find in the visual motifs on all of our accessories, including this mirror!

Mirrors are incredibly useful items to bring to events. You never know when you’re going to need to check your hair or costume, or strategically use it to take a look at what’s behind you. You’ll also find that everyone else is always looking to use a mirror, so if you have one with you you’ll likely end up being the hero of the day! This particular mirror is the perfect size to keep in a small pouch or your pocket.

There are multiple layers on this robust little mirror: the glass is surrounded but panels of 1mm brass, which is enclosed on either side with 1.5mm brass, which has been laser cut to have the wonderful flower designs you can see adorning the whole mirror. It is all held together with tiny little rivets, which are robust and also visually pleasing to look at.

Everything about this mirror has been designed and manufactured here in our studio. The water flowers you see around the edges and on the back of the mirror were created by our resident artist and designer, who came up with the pattern after extensive research into flowers, elvish knotwork and Art Nouveau motifs, so you won’t find it anywhere else!

The enamel work has been done by our master jewellery, who has spent his whole career making jewellery and accessories that are punctuated with a pop of colour. All of the enamel is mixed and applied by hand, and the finishing touches are put on the mirror once it has all dried.

The end result is something that is functional, but is also a piece of art and jewellery in itself! You’re sure to catch the eyes of everyone around you when you pull this piece out, as it is clearly crafted by a true artisan and well made.

Please keep in mind that although this mirror is very solid, it is still a mirror so it’s probably best not to drop it, carry it in a bag with other items that may break it, or keep it with you while you fight!

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • 1.5mm brass;
  • 1mm brass;
  • Brass rivets;
  • Enamel;
  • Mirrored glass.


  • Outer diameter: 8cm (3 ⁵/₃₂'');
  • Mirror diameter: 6.5cm (2 ⁹/₁₆'').


  • Functional mirror;
  • Pocket sized;
  • Enamelled design;
  • Solid construction;
  • A perfect gift.

This item is part of the “Water Flowers” collection

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