“Autumn Princess”Chaperon

Medieval Female Headgear


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Medieval Female Chaperon

Woolen Headgear with long tail

But if the latter continues to walk a hundred steps further up, 
he will perceive a house with a fairly fine appearance,
some magnificent gardens behind an iron grill belonging to the house.
Beyond that is an horizon line formed by the hills of Burgundy,
which seem ideally made to delight the eyes.

Sprawling fields, forests, lovely gardens, as well as cozy homes nestled in amongst the trees… there truly is no end to the wonders of nature. A traveler can walk and enjoy the beauty of a warm evening or a fresh morning. It is so important to make a stop from time to time and relish the moment, be it a wild rose or a small lake. Carpe diem!

During long walks, it is especially important to feel comfortable, so you find yourself some perfectly fitting shoes, a light dress and a small bag. You are roaming through the woods, thinking how pleasant the weather is...time goes by and you are looking forward to sitting in a clearing, drinking your home-made tea and admiring the sunset.

However, you don’t feel as cozy as you expected to. Something has changed… cool wind is touching your hands and neck. You succeed in warming your hands with the hot cup, but what could help your neck? We have an answer for you. A woolen chaperon can save your pleasant evening till you decide to go home by your own choice.

Our “Autumn” chaperon is made of wool with cotton lining which makes it extremely warm and pleasant to touch. The liripipe is a nice way to finish your look as you can put it around your neck when it is colder or leave it hanging for decorative purposes. The cape provides you with additional warmth without restricting your movement.

With this headwear, no traveler will be afraid of wind. But when the weather is fine, you can make a beautiful mantle as the chaperon has some wool in the front. 21 copper buttons make it look even more elegant and stylish. If you want to add something nice and useful to your wardrobe, then this chaperon is a good choice.

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  • Wool;
  • Cotton lining;
  • Woolen cord;
  • 21 copper buttons.

Hood features:

  • Elegant cape;
  • Long tail (liripipe);
  • Warm chaperon;
  • Beautiful woolen mantle.

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