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Polish Hussar Helmet

Stainless steel SCA helm


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Polish Hussar Helmet

Stainless Steel and Brass SCA combat helm

Have you heard of the Polish Hussars? They’re one of our favourite parts of Eastern European history, because they were great fighters but also had a killer sense of style. You can only really respect a man that enters a battlefield wearing giant wings, ready to intimidate and destroy an opponent. Rumour has it that the Hussars were also incredibly charming and witty, great negotiators and excellent strategists. What isn’t there to love?

When designing this collection we really wanted to make something that was functional for our customers. We focussed on solid foundations and quality materials to ensure that everything we made was flexible and strong. Once we worked out how to make it the best armour possible, we turned to the aesthetics of it, producing a look that we feel is worthy of any mercenary with a penchant for the opulent!

The materials you’ll find on this helmet are brass and stainless steel. Solid brass rivets and 1mm brass accents are used as they are nice and decorative and contrast well with the shiny steel. Stainless steel is an amazing material because not only is it shiny and strong, but it will likely stay shiny - this is because it is very rust-resistant.

This helmet started out as historical, and then deviated as we tried to find ways to make it safe for SCA combat. Obviously, when it comes to making something completely safe, we have to make concessions and base our decisions on what is going to be best for the comfort of our customers. Historical accuracy is usually the first thing we have to sacrifice. That being said, we feel that we have taken some key aspects of Hussar helmet design and expended them in a way that is still true to the overall look without detracting from that safety aspect.

2mm steel is used for the crown of the helmet, which is lightly fluted into a gentle wave effect which is both eye-catching and great for deflecting blows. The visor has been based on helmets of around the same time period but extended to offer you more coverage and make the helmet heavy fighting viable. The visor comes down to a point at the base of your neck, and also covers your ears and other vital parts. The visor is perforated to give you some air and great visibility and also includes eye holes. Please keep in mind that the visor is completely solid and is not able to be removed. At the bottom of the crown of the helmet there is a little peak, which is 1.5mm thick. The articulated lobster tail at the back (which protects the back of your neck) is also 1.5mm thick and includes sliding rivets to give it better ease of movement as you look around.

You can’t really ignore the opulent touches of this helmet - blackened brass edging with gorgeously etched patterns that look like engraving. This trim lines most edges of the helmet, with solid brass rivets holding it together and additional decorative washers. It also includes a leather chin strap as well as padding inside that is ready for battle.

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  • 2mm stainless steel;
  • 1.5mm stainless steel;
  • 1mm brass;
  • Brass rivets;
  • Leather chin strap.


  • SCA heavy focussed;
  • Polish design inspired;
  • Full faceplate;
  • Decorative brass edging;
  • Solid rivets;
  • Articulated lobster tail back.

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  • Kirk Lund 03 of June 2021:

    Amazing quality and workmanship. I am completely satisfied.

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