Soft Armor Shield

Round training shield

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Soft Armor Shield

Soft training shield

Medieval combat sports and activities bring us a lot of fun. But this fun comes with some less pleasant companions: tedious maintenance, transportation and storage, not to mention the dangers of battle with metal weapons involved. That is why the need for training equipment devoid of these shortcomings has been there for a long time. And now we have Soft Armor!

The Soft Armor equipment allows us to increase the time spent in training, makes the process much less traumatic and lets novices get the combat experience quickly. Using this equipment one can master the tactics and principles of historical battle and become prepared for an armored combat. 

And, of course, one of the most important parts of this equipment is the shield. Round shields were very common options throughout history and you won’t make a mistake by picking one.

This shield is very convenient and durable, with two adjustable straps to hold it. Being rather small (just 50 cm or 20” diameter) and very lightweight (less than 1 kg / 2,2 lbs) it is perfect both for experienced fighters and absolute rookies, and even adolescent members of your club can use it without getting tired too fast.

So, if you wanted to plunge into the wonderful world of medieval battles, but postponed this idea for various reasons - it's just the right time to fulfill your dream with Soft Armor!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


  • Eco-leather;
  • Durable plastic;
  • Nylon;
  • Foam.


  • Practical and convenient simulation of the battle shield;
  • Adjustable straps that will fit any hand and forearm;
  • Very lightweight: less than 2,2 lbs (1 kg);
  • Easy to clean - just wash and wipe it.

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