Happy Holidays from ArmStreet!

December 30, 2017

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noël, Happy New Year and Счастливого Рождества!

December is huge here for us at ArmStreet, with our products going all over the world to be placed in stockings, under Christmas trees or just passed hand to hand to loved ones. There is nothing we love more than seeing pictures of our excited customers as they unwrap their gifts and get joy out of what we have created.

Viking Gifs around a box Viking Gifts in a Box “Viking

It’s been a busy year, but now we can all relax into the holiday season. Well, except our elves, that is - they’re still hard at work hand crafting your armor, sewing your dresses and embossing the leather for your new favorite belt. They are working hard to make sure there is plenty in stock for when you next need to hit the battlefield or wear a fancy new outfit in court!

ArmStreet Elves Working Hard

We are lucky to be such an international company, it means that Christmas lasts for almost two weeks for us! It starts in Australia on the 25th of December, then again in the United States, France, Germany, and finally here in Ukraine on the 7th January.

Kieran from ArmStreet Australia AmrStreet Christmas elf ArmStreet Santa

Although everyone is always working very hard, we have decided to give them a bit of a break - our workshops will be closed from 25th December - 5 January to allow our talented craftspeople to enjoy the holiday season and spend time with their families, so please bear with us if production is a little bit slower over the next few weeks!

An ArmStreet elf giving santa a gift!

We hope you have an excellent holiday season and spend quality time with all of those important to you. Thank you for making this year so special for us, we can’t wait for next year!

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