What Makes a Princess?

December 1, 2017

Is it purely to do with who she is descended from, who her father is and the legitimacy of her claim to nobility?

Is it the castles she owns, the lands she’s destined to inherit, and the wealth she was born into? Or is it something more than that?

We think it is more than just a title, and see it as an all-encompassing lifestyle. It’s the way she holds herself, the grace in her step and the way that everything she does is deliberate and perfect. Every action is elegant, and even when things do go wrong, there’s always a sense of serendipity - it’s clear that it could not have happened any other way. If being a princess truly is a way of life, a piece of your soul, then can someone take that away from you?

Princess in Exile Outfit

That’s the concept for our new Exiled Princess Collection. Our Lost and Found Princesses have been popular collections for years, and we felt it was time to add another – a princess that’s a little bit more complicated, who’s both lost and found at the same time. Using the same base pattern as our previous collection, we’ve revitalized this stunning dress with new photography showcases the gorgeous combination of green and burgundy.

The exiled princess collection consists of three items, a cotton dress, a cotton velvet bodice and a velvet cape. Each piece on its own is a work of art, but when combined they create a truly spectacular outfit, rich with texture and vibrant color. We made this collection visually fetching but also comfortable and durable – a princess will find herself just as happy wearing this during court as she will walking through the market square or running through the forest.

Princess in Exile Dress Princess Velvet Cape

One of our favorite parts about this collection is the materials. The premium cotton of the dress is a lovely weave and quite robust, whilst still being delicate enough to drape beautifully. For the bodice we used cotton velvet which just looks utterly divine in the deep emerald green we used for the photoshoot. It’s all topped off by the velvet cape, adorned with embroidery, lightly quilted with matching lining and silk inserts. The combination of fabrics is just gorgeously lush and begs to be touched – it almost makes you want to reach through your computer screen!

Princess in Exile Dress Princess in Exile Dress Sleeve

The main dress has always been a popular item – with a massive amount of fabric in the skirt, a fitted bodice and such regal sleeves, it’s easy to see why! The custom fit that the size lacing provides means that this dress will fit any figure like a glove, providing you with an enviable silhouette. The plunging neckline in surrounded by beautiful thick trim, and it can either be worn on its own, or with a chemise to provide the wearer with a little bit more modesty. The fitted sleeves are closed with tiny buttons, and are topped with puffed shoulders to truly give you that princess feel. There’s nothing here that isn’t regal!

Princess in Exile Bodice Princess in Exile Bodice

The bodice fits perfectly over the dress, flattering the neckline with an underbust cut. While the velvet is quite strong and it holds together well on its own, the bodice is also adequately lined to provide some structure – although it is still comfortable and allows you to breathe, unlike a corset! The lacing up the front means that you can decide how tight you’d like it to be, it’s completely up to you.

Velvet Princess Cape

The cloak is the most fantastic cloak we’ve ever made, and we’re thrilled by the new color combination. The deep green is absolutely show-stopping in combination with the brass medallions and gold embroidery. The cloak is lightly quilted and very warm, and has a deep hood to accommodate any hairstyle.

While we’re blown away by this new outfit, we also couldn’t be more pleased with the photoshoot – here at the office we’re all utterly in love with it. Elegant and regal, our Exiled Princess doesn’t have a care in the world for the petty drama that surrounds her. She faces the world head on, with her shoulders squared and head held high. It’s obvious she’s resourceful, intelligent, and no matter what happens, she will always be the upstanding young woman her father raised her to be.

Lost Princess Costume Found Princess Costume Princess in Exile Costume

So, it’s time to ask yourself: what kind of princess are you, and what kind of character will you create? Are you the wistful Lost Princess, wandering through the forest in your deep blue gown, trying to find your castle in the distance and return home, only to wander deeper into the trees? Or maybe you’re the confident Found Princess, lost for years but now home, sure of who she is? Or could you be the exiled princess?

Unfazed by her fall from grace, the Exiled Princess is happy in her own skin. She’s far from any lands she knows, but she still feels right at home. Life is easy for her, because in her heart, she knows exactly where she is.