Introducing Our Fanciest Knight Kit Ever: The Kingmaker

November 6, 2017

Here at ArmStreet, we always strive to be the best. We never settle for mediocre and are always looking up and ahead, trying to figure out how to be better, make more and push our own limits. If we’re not pushing ourselves, we’ve not happy. Each and every kit is the product of many creative experiments and countless mistakes. We don’t rest until something is perfect. This time, we set out to create the ultimate knight kit. We wanted to produce a suit of armor that inspires confidence, demands attention and makes one thing very clear: the wearer is someone to be respected. We’re very excited to present our most magnificent set yet, “The Kingmaker Collection”.

Kingmaker Armor Collection Full Body Image Kingmaker Bag belt gambeson

From top to toe, everything about this set is intelligently designed and crafted with care. The Kingmaker is more than just a set of armor, it’s a curated collection of accessories that will please the discerning knight and create that sought-after cohesive look that’s often associated with the ruling class. The Kingmaker consists of a sallet helmet, bevor, three different choices of shoulder armor, a flexible leather brigandine, articulated splint arms and legs, a full wrap anatomical greave, magnificent gauntlets and sabatons you can basically dance in. On top of that, we’ve crafted some of the most beautiful decorative weapons we’ve ever seen, as well as matching scabbards, a belt, bag and a buckler. What more could you possibly want?

This set was inspired by Burgundian armor designs from the mid XV century, specifically in the years between the end of the Hundred Years War and the start of The War of the Roses. We wanted to create a set that you would see only the most valiant, respected knights and nobles – something functional yet also incredibly extra. With only the best materials in mind, we set about creating a truly luxurious kit using premium veg-tanned leather, stainless steel and brass.

Kingmaker Brigandine

We love to rework and improve on our already popular designs. In this set, we feel like we’ve finally perfected our brigandine design. It’s still just as gorgeous, as well as flexible and protective, but we’ve made it slightly longer and more comfortable. Completed with solid brass rivets, it’s hard to deny how magnificent this well designed piece of armor looks.

One of our favorite features of The Kingmaker is the flexibility you’ll have in deciding which shoulder armor you choose! When designing the set, we couldn’t decide which one to include, so we decided to make all three available for purchase. This includes a large pair of pauldrons and two sets of spaulders – one simplistic pair made from stainless steel and brass, and another more magnificent option covered in bright red leather and rivets. It’s completely up to you how you style it, either way, it’s going to look great!

large kingmaker shoulders close up of the kingmaker arm armour

We know that the difference between an average piece of armor and amazing piece is the attention to detail. Thus, this whole set has cast brass rivets and buckles, sturdy leather straps and perfectly roped edges – not a single detail was an afterthought. We also included something a bit new: lasercut brass edging, which we feel really causes the vibrant red leather to visually pop. 

kingmaker legs close up

The excellently articulated sabatons are designed to provide adequate foot protection in combat whilst still being incredibly flexible. We experimented extensively with overlapping plates and thicknesses to find the perfect balance, so rest assured knowing that a ton of time was put into creating this foot protection like no other.

kingmaker sabaton kingmaker bag and leg harness

This is the first time we’ve created an item with laser-cut decorative splints. We love the design we came up with: it’s still structurally sound enough to protect you when combined with the robust veg-tanned leather, but is also undeniably classy. In our opinion, solid stainless steel knees and elbows with perfectly articulated was the only way to finish the limbs. The 1.6mm stainless adds a level of heavy protection whilst not impeding the wearers movement. The shiny steel also looks utterly fantastic next to the brass and vibrant red leather.

Kingmaker anatomically shaped greave

The anatomically shaped greave is truly special. Covered in thick leather and decorated with splints and rivets, it’s a truly magnificent way to finish off the leg harness. The full-wrap nature of the greave gives you unparalleled protection in combat, while the handsome shape of the greave just emphasises the pure beauty of the full set.

It’s difficult to look past the beautiful accessories we created for this set. Made from matching veg-tanned leather, they’re expertly embossed with decorative designs and accented with brass. The bag is based on a historical kidney pouch, with one clever addition – a phone pocket! We absolutely adore this bag and think it’s a great way to mask your mundane technology from the medieval world.

Kingmaker sallet

We hope that you love our new set of armour as much as we do! We couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve created. Even though this is our best piece yet, we still feel that we can continue to improve and create even more magnificent armour. How is that possible? Well, you’re just going to have to wait and find out!

And we offer a gambeson of our own unique design as a part of this collection. Check out our article on gambesons to have a better idea of the topic.