“Knight of Fortune” armor collection

January 11, 2016

“Knight of Fortune” collection

Making this armor we tried to unite several things: reasonable price with uncompromising quality and engineering, simplicity with beauty and sport-oriented features for the SCA with solutions appropriate for the reenactment.

"Knight of Fortune" Medieval Armour Knight Kit

This way we've made more than one armour kit, providing it with both historically accurate bascinet and another one with beautiful laser-cut SCA bargrill, etched and unetched elements for your choice and matching gear like gambeson and bucklers to fulfil any possible usage of this kit...

 Medieval Bascinet Helmet "Knight of Fortune"

All parts of the armor are available separately so you can assemble your own unique kit using different elements, your own armor and a number of options we provide at our site.

European "Knight of Fortune" Armour Knees

Main features:

  • Leather-covered brigandine
  • European legs, arms and pauldrons
  • Two types of matching helmets available
  • Etched/unetched plate armor options available
  • Handmade brass casting (rivets, accessories, buckles)
  • "Thistle" ornament etching
  • Stainless steel (mild steel available upon request)

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