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Armor Full Kit “Knight of Fortune” Circa XIV

Armor Full Kit “Knight of Fortune” Circa XIV

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“Knight of Fortune” Armor Kit

Functional combat suit of armour

Every plate of this beautiful armor, every clasp, and rivet, every single piece with fancy etching and accents are paid with sweat and blood of the noble knight whose only heritage are his sword and his combat skills.

Mainly, the idea and the design of this armor are based on Rezzo von Beichlingen grave sculpture, circa XIV (to be exact, 1360). This armor provides a perfect balance between relatively simple and combat-oriented design and beautiful decorations like weapon mounts on the chest of the brigandine, brass clasps and rivets and ArmStreet's signature etching on the stainless steel.

To answer the possible question, etching is usually attributed to later period tournament armor kits, so for groups and events with strict historical accuracy rules you can order this armor without etching for less, some of the element of the armor (like legs, arms, and pauldrons) are available without etching as separate products in our shop right now.

This armor is made keeping in mind the functionality and it will stand in good stead for SCA, rebated steel heavy fight tournaments, and historical medieval martial arts formats like Battle of the Nation tournament.

What's included:

What's available optionally:

Key features:

  • XIV century period design;
  • Thistle ornament etching (basic version, optionally can be made w/o etching)
  • Handmade brass casting: buckles, clasp, weapon mounts;
  • Solid brass rivets.

Important note about brigandine size: for technical reasons this brigandine can be made in regular (S, M, L, XL) sizes only Technically it can be modified for the different body measurements but only if your waist circumference isn't larger than the chest circumference, otherwise we can't guarantee proper flexibility and fit of the armour. Please contact our support if you need this brigandine in custom size.

To check how to measure yourself please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


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