Woolen Gambeson “The King's Guard”

Padded knight's pourpoint, late 14th c.

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Woolen Gambeson “The King's Guard”

Padded knight's pourpoint, late 14th c.

Our latest addition to our line of 14th century clothing and armors is this exception woolen pourpoint patterned off of a number of examples in period art and two extant garments on display in museums the pourpoints of Charles de Blois and Charles VI.

The ArmStreet Woolen Pourpoint provides the wearer not only with a warm and supremely protective garment that can be worn under both maille and plate armor, but a garment that can be proudly worn by itself at court or revel (though we suggest that some form of hosen be worn as well).

Our Pourpoint is made of top quality wool with authentic leather trim and completely handmade, cloth-covered buttons.  The buttons are sewn on close to each other as are the buttons on both the Charles de Blois and Charles VI garments, which provides complete protection from the icy cold drafts that come with Fall and Winter campaigning and presents a slimmer silhouette as was fashionable during this time period.

We have used only the highest quality materials to create a one-of-a-kind arming garment that we guarantee you will be proud to wear for many years to come. The way a knight looked, on and off the field, was of great concern to the peerage of the Late 14th century and the spared no expense to cut a dashing figure.  ArmStreet provides modern-day reenactors the same period fashion at a price anyone can afford. 

Midwinter feasts and tournaments are ahead, this season, stand out from the crowd with a new Woolen Pourpoint!

Please note that dark blue wool has a very dark shade, that may appear black under electric light indoors.

Can be made in fixed sizes only, please check our size chart. According to the size chart the hips' circumference corresponds to the following sizes:

  • size S: 34 1/2 - 38 1/2 in (88-98 cm)
  • size M: 38 1/2 - 42 1/2 in (98-108 cm)
  • size L: 42 1/2 - 45 1/4 in (108-115 cm)
  • size XL: 45 1/4 - 48 in (115-122 cm)

To check how to measure yourself please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.

Pourpoint features:

  • High-quality pure wool
  • Great colors selection
  • Authentic design
  • Leather trimming also in your choice of several colors
  • Cloth-covered handmade buttons
  • Cotton/lining padding
  • Natural batting

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  • Corey Brockway 04 of March 2018:

    Can you make this completely black and with arming points?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hi Corey, yes you may select black color at the checkout and request arming points in the comment to your order. They cost $30 extra. 

  • Nathaniel 08 of May 2016:

    As it is a pourpoint, does it include the tie points to attach leg harnesses (Only asking because the underside was not in the pictures)?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hi Nathaniel, arming points can be added upon request. 

  • Bill 24 of August 2015:

    Would you be able to make a gambeson in this style using denim as the exterior fabric?

    ArmStreet team:

    The pourpoint cannot be made out of denim fabric, sorry.

  • Kyle Fitch 01 of February 2015:

    will this be available in custom size like dresses?

    ArmStreet team:

    Can be made in regular sizes only. Custom size pourpoint is made according to your height.

  • Max 20 of October 2014:

    Is the coif included in this purchase?

    ArmStreet team:

    The coif is not included, it's available separately - Padded Arming Cap Coif.

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