Padded Arming Cap Coif

Functional under armour head protection

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Padded Arming Coif Cap

Functional under armour head protection

Arming cap also known as coif is an important part of your medieval armour. It is also a nice part of your garb, especially when you are wearing a gambeson and arming cap to protect yourself not from a blade but from chilly weather conditions. It looks authentic and works as it should do.

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  • Wool (exterior)
  • Flax linen (lining)
  • Natural batting
  • Leather trimming

Technical features:

  • One layer of thick natural materials based batting
  • Pure woolen fabric
  • Natural flax linen lining
  • All edges are trimmed with natural leather
  • Back lacing covered with leather pieces

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  • LeeAnn Hutchinson 22 of August 2016:

    On the In-Stock padded arming cap coif, is it one size fits all? I do not see any size references on the in stock one. Thank you!

    ArmStreet team answered :

    Yes, the cap coif In Stock is made in One size.

  • Matthew Oliver 13 of April 2016:

    Hello! How thick is the padding for this coif? How many layers of batting and how thick is the finished product in inches. Thanks!

    ArmStreet team answered :

    The coif has 1 1/2 layers of batting, it's thinner than our usual helmet padding cap - it has 3 layers. The coif is about 17.5 mm thick (~0.7 of an inch).

  • Matt Oliver 25 of March 2015:

    Hi there, I had a couple questions about this item: 1) Can the exterior layer be made in linen instead of cotton? 2) Black is not listed as a color option, is this item not available to be made in black? 3) Is it possible to have this made without the bib/collar?

    ArmStreet team answered 26 of March 2015:

    1. Exterior layer is made of wool by default. Optionally can be made of linen or cotton, but price will be the same.
    2. Yes, can be made in black.
    3. Cannot be made w/o collar, sorry.

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