Arm Armor “The King's Guard”

Medieval western plate arms, combat gear


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Arm Armor “The King's Guard”

Medieval western plate arms, combat gear

These arms are part of our functional armour kit “The King's Guard”. This is one of our best quality functional and beautiful armor. Arms are made of 16 ga (1.5 mm) stainless steel and decorated with etching and brass borders with etched inscriptions.

This armor is not only beautiful but functional and perfectly engeneered. Ecthed patterns are deep enough so even after heavy usage armor looks great - do not hesitate to buy it for fighting purposes. Working on “The King's Guard” kit we not only improved general look of the armour but also used a number of new techniques to achieve really smooth lines with minimum gaps between armour's parts and elements.

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Important note about measurements: please take into account that we need your measurements in gambeson, choses or other under-armour gear you are planning to use with this armor. The only exception is when you are ordering both armour and padding from our company — in this case you can send us your body measurements. For sabatons please send your footwear actual measurements.

Safety disclaimer: Sword-fighting and fencing is a dangerous sport. Fencing, historical fencing, medieval reenactment and martial arts as well as other related types of activity, are inherently connected to a certain risk level of injuries or death. The Company declines all responsibility for any traumas or harm done to oneself or to the third person, along with any material or consequential damage, impaired during the products usage. We admonish that all acts with armour, weapons or their components have to be performed before designated person who is responsible for safety of the particular event and accredited to supervise armour and sport weapon conformance to the event’s standards.

Inscriptions on the arms:

  • Upper cannons: (Psalm 10:15) Contere ­brachi­um peccatoris et maligni (Break thou the arm of the wicked and the evil man)
  • Elbows: (Psalm 59:14) Consume eos in furore, con­sume, et non erunt (Consume them in wrath, consume them, that they may not be)
  • Lower cannons: (Psalm 59:12) Disperge illos in virtute tuae­t pro­s­terne eos, protector meus, Domine (Scatter them by thy power; and bring them down, O Lord our shield)

Materials, technologies and features:

  • 16 ga (1.5 mm stainless steel)
  • Some in-between elements might be made of lighter gauge for better manoeuvrability
  • Brass borders
  • Etching (electroplating and acid etching)
  • Solid brass and steel rivets assembling
  • Handmade casting buckles and decorative rivets
  • Leather straps with casting buckles
  • Cold-forging, electroplating, handpolishing

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  • Eric 22 of November 2018:

    Does this price connect to a gambeson or another part of the armor set?

    ArmStreet Team answered 23 of November 2018:

    Hello Eric, yes, these armor arms should be attached to the gambeson. 

  • Kris 22 of August 2018:

    Hey can you guys do blueing to the steel?

    ArmStreet answered 22 of August 2018:

    Hi Kris! Yes, it is possible, but on mild steel only. Stainless steel cannot be blackened, unfortunately.

  • Kamron 07 of June 2015:

    What is the price difference with etching at all on this set of arm armoir?

    ArmStreet team answered 08 of June 2015:

    When ordering armour without etching, you'll save 15% of initial price. To get the discount, please email us at

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